Profiles with Judith Regan

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Saturday, July 5 at 10 p.m. ET!

Hosted by Judith Regan

Our special one-hour broadcast, Profiles with Judith Regan features interviews with standup comedian Bernie Mac (search), The Sopranos’ star Edi Falco (search), Hollywood director Sydney Pollack (search) and power couple Rikki Klieman (search) of Court TV and Bill Bratton (search) former NYPD Commissioner and current Chief of Police for Los Angeles.

In these special interviews with Judith, each guest reveals something very unexpected:

Bernie Mac’s comedy was his response to a tragic childhood.

Edi Falco suffered from anxiety attacks and nearly gave up her dream of acting.

Sydney Pollack hates directing… but loves acting in Woody Allen films.

Rikki Klieman and Bill Bratton's intense careers resulted in five previous marriages between them. But now, later in life, they have both found that "fairy tales can come true".

Join us for a very special hour of Profiles with Judith Regan this weekend at 10 p.m. ET!