Procter & Gamble Co. and William W. Wrigley Jr. Co. will develop a line of chewing gum under the Crest brand that they say will do more than freshen breath -- it will also help clean teeth.

Under the agreement, Chicago-based Wrigley will manufacture the gum using oral health care technology developed by researchers at Cincinnati-based P&G.

Terms of the agreement were not released. But The New York Times, citing two sources it did not identify, reported Tuesday that the deal could be worth more than $100 million annually for the two companies.

P&G officials said the chewing gum line could be introduced within a year.

Wrigley's ability to develop good-tasting products combined with P&G's expertise in oral-care science will allow the companies to serve consumers whose needs are not being met by the oral-care gum already on the market, said Wrigley senior vice president Gary McCullough.

Several brands of gum claim dental benefits, but none has been approved by the American Dental Association. Gum must show clinical and laboratory benefits to fighting or preventing cavities or gum disease to receive the association's seal.

Wrigley is the world's leading manufacturer of chewing gum. P&G is best known for Tide detergent, Crest toothpaste and Pampers diapers.