A Wayne County jailbird who changed his feathers and flew the coop last week is back in custody and staring at possibly 20 more years behind bars.

Jason Shuford, a prisoner who was mistakenly released from jail in Wayne County, Michigan was found in Ohio more than a week after he walked out the front gate.

Shuford, 24, switched identities with another inmate by changing ID bracelets just hours before he was to be sentenced for armed robbery, a crime that carries an eight-year sentence.

But instead of serving eight years in prison, Shuford is now looking at possibly 20 more years for the stunt he pulled.

"The other inmate's role is still being investigated," said Wayne County Public Information Officer John Roach. "There were two other people from outside the jail who conspired to affect Shuford's release as well. One falsely identified Shuford as the wrong inmate and another female, Shuford's girlfriend, also assisted in his release."

The two conspirators were caught within 24 hours of the incident and will likely be charged with aiding and abetting escape from police custody, a charge that carries seven years of prison. The two helped Shuford with his release at about 11:30 p.m. last Sunday night.

A post review of Shuford's release that same night uncovered the mistake and authorities began a search for him.

The Cincinnati office of the FBI, along with Dayton and Botkins Police forces, caught Shuford at the Budget Host Motel in Botkin, Ohio. Roach said they acted on a tip.

Shuford is currently being held at Montgomery County Jail in Ohio, according to Roach, who also said that Shuford had spent time previously at the Michigan Department of Corrections for robbery.

Wayne County Jail is home to a daily average of 2,600 inmates. Over 40,000 inmates pass through the jail every year and Roach said he had never heard of anything like this happening before.