Prince Harry's Police Protectors Accused of Unsafe Driving in U.K.

Police protecting Prince Harry have been accused by another driver of putting lives at risk, as they sped down a highway in convoy at 100mph.

Company director Tim Williams, 33, has lodged a complaint with police, claiming that he was tailgated and forced to drive at dangerous speeds.

The businessman said he was driving towards London on the M4 highway last week with his wife, sister-in-law and eight-month-old baby.

"They put lives at risk. I was about to pull out when I saw an Audi R8 in my mirrors. It came from nowhere. I let it pass. It was going a hell of a speed - at least 100mph.

"I then pulled into the outside lane. Immediately a Range Rover came right up behind us. "It was very close. I thought they were going to nudge me," Williams told the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

It is not clear why the cars were speeding.

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