Prince Harry Hopes to Join British Army

Prince Harry (search) hopes to join the British Army (search), and plans to take the entrance exam at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (search), royal officials announced Monday.

Harry is third in line to the throne behind his older brother, Prince William, and his father, Prince Charles.

The 19-year-old prince is spending the summer as a coach in the Rugby Football and then working on his father's farms.

Clarence House, Prince Charles' official residence, said Harry would face the Regular Commissions Board exams to gain entrance to Sandhurst, which consist of a three-day course of written, oral and physical tests.

Prince Charles started his military career in 1969 as colonel-in-chief of the Royal Regiment of Wales. In 1971, he trained with the Royal Air Force, learning to fly jet aircraft. Later that year he joined the Royal Navy, and commanded the coastal mine hunter HMS Bronington in 1976, his last year of service.