Presley Women Open Up

Life after Elvis (search) is far from heartbreak hotel for the Presley women.

In the August issue of Vogue, three generations of Presleys — Priscilla, her daughter, Lisa Marie, and Lisa Marie's (search) daughter, Danielle Riley (search) — candidly discuss their lives.

Lisa Marie, Elvis' daughter turned pop star, expressed relief that her teenage daughter, who uses her middle name, Riley, hadn't turned out like Paris Hilton (search).

In April 2003, Lisa Marie said similar things about Paris and her sister, Nicky, to the Los Angeles Times: "Those two are the epitome of what my mother raised me not to be. I don't know what they've done. Maybe it's the bleach that fascinates people." (The Hiltons didn't return calls from The Associated Press seeking comment on Monday.)

Priscilla, the famed ex-wife of Elvis, isn't so quick to judge.

"Some celebrities' children have done very well, and some are still struggling," the 59-year-old tells the magazine. "It's a very difficult position to be in."

Riley, Lisa Marie's daughter from her marriage to Danny Keough, is just beginning a modeling career. The teen remains unfazed by the innate Presley fame. "My mom isn't famous to me. She's just my mom," she said.

Lisa Marie, 36, is working on her second album, a follow-up to 2003's "To Whom It May Concern." (search)