Pregnant Bride's Water Breaks But Finishes Wedding, Attends Reception Before Giving Birth

The baby was on its way, but a pregnant bride fought labor pains, got married and even attended some of her wedding reception before giving birth.

Emma Lowdon's contractions began as she tied the knot with her partner Sean Allum, 35, but she was determined to finish the service.

The 36-year-old squeezed some time in at the wedding reception before being rushed to a hospital delivery room.

Baby Josh was born five weeks prematurely weighing 5 pounds, less than 24 hours after his parents' wedding in Ashington, Northumberland, England.

Lowdon's maternity room was renamed the Honeymoon Suite by hospital staff.

Lowdon, from Dudley in Northumberland, told Newcastle-based The Journal the experience had been "surreal."

"We did consider canceling the wedding after my water broke on Tuesday, but I was absolutely determined that I would be married and I would be Mrs Allum before the baby came," she said.

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