Power of a Pin

In response to my wearing an American flag pin on the air, I received this e-mail from a journalism professor in Olympia, Washington:

"You're not a journalist, Mr. Cavuto, you're a sham. You know it. I know it. You have an obligation to get away from the rah-rah and show the guts to depart from officials who would lead us like lemmings into war. If you can't or won't do that, find a real journalist who can."

Well professor, may I suggest you get your head out of... oh, I won't say it. But to think, students might be hanging on "your" every word!

Tell me this, professor, who the heck makes it possible for you to spout the absurdities you do?  Not journalists. Not our elected officials. It's our Constitution, that protects your right to attack it, rip it, smear it.

You have no problem with people burning the flag, yet you find it demeaning for me to wear it.  I say, enough of it and enough of you.

I've had it with journalists who act important but can't see what's really important. Who judge what's going on here not for the drama it is, but the surgical, almost medicinal journalistic campaign they think it should be.

Well, let me tell you something, professor, it isn't.

You go on to say you're a journalist first. That's where you and I differ.  I'm big enough to recognize my job would mean nothing if my Constitution didn't mean something. I'm not the smartest guy, but I'm an appreciative guy.

And by the way, professor, you don't have the market cornered on tough questions. I think I ask a few of them myself.

I'm beholden to no ideology or agenda, save this: espousing the virtues I hold dear and the country I hold great.  I'm proud enough, you would say dumb enough, to say, shout and proudly showcase that.  If that makes me less serious than you, so be it.

I'd rather wear my emotions and passions on my sleeve than pretend I didn't have them at all.

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