Popping a Xit

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If you've actually decided there's no more fun to be had from those pop-under ads, exise them with a few simple clicks of your mouse:

- The easiest and cheapest method is probably to go to www.x10.com/x10ads.htm, where X10 Wireless Technologies has thoughtfully put a link to a free patch for your computer that will keep the camera come-ons off of your computer for 30 days at a time.

Or you can purchase software that will filter X10 and other pop-up ads from the stream of data that flows into your computer when you use a Web browser:

- HDSoft.com offers PopNot, which can be purchased online for $12. A free 10-day trial program is available at http://www.hdsoft.com/popnot/ . The program was given five stars by ZDNet.

- You can also get AdSubtract for a range of prices, from free for AdSubtract Standard Edition, for personal use at home, to AdSubtract Professional Edition, with all the bells and whistles for $29.95. A mid-priced version, Cookie Edition, is available for $14.95 and can be downloaded for a free 14-day trial. AdSubtract also received five stars from ZDNet. You can buy it at www.adsubtract.com.