Pop Tarts: Which Hollywood Actor Does Adriana Lima Find 'So Sexy?'

Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima lives the "Angelic" life most can only dream of as she jets across the world to pose in panties for Victoria's Secret; however, one thing the sexy supermodel hasn't managed to get her hands on is her secret crush, who happens to be 17 years her senior.

"I love Russell Crowe," she told Pop Tarts while showing off the brand-new VS Biofit Uplift Bra (which apparently provides a natural-looking bust boost as push-up bras are, like, so last season). "I can't wait to go to Australia ... him and his accent that is so sexy."

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Lima also added that while she already has a special man in her life (she is dating Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić of the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves), there is one thing a man must do to win her over.

"He must love me from my here," said Lima, pointing to her chest region (although we think she was probably referring to her heart.)

Meanwhile, her sexy supermodel colleague Karolina Kurkova assured us she is very single and says that is probably due to her "big mouth."

"I have a huge mouth and talk a lot," she said. "That probably intimidates a lot of guys."

The busty blonde, however, doesn't let love (or the lack of) give her the blues. After all, she has learned the importance of self-acceptance in an industry plagued by eating and emotional issues.

"I think the key to staying happy and in shape is exercise and being careful to never overeat," Kurkova told Tarts. "So often when we overeat it is all emotional, and I've learned that food doesn't make the problems go away. You can't abuse your body like that — it is so important as females that we be kind and don't pick ourselves apart. That's taken me a long time to learn but it works."

Paris' 'Spiritual Path' Enlightened by Ashton Kutcher

Paris Hilton's strange stunt of "shamanism" last Saturday was more than just an attempt to acquire some odd publicity. Chances are she and the shaman-actor were earning pocket money thanks to "Punk'd" producer Ashton Kutcher.

The performance for the paps reportedly was for Kutcher's new E! series premiering this Sunday entitled "Pop Fiction." The show is designed to make gullible paps and media outlets look pathetic by pulling all sorts of pranks.

So while Hilton's new romance with rocker Benji Madden may not have turned her into a "Good Charlotte," as Pop Tarts thought, it seems to have given her an extra opportunity to rock out. Tarts has been told that Paris and Benji socialized and swayed in a VIP suite at the Linkin Park performance on Tuesday night.

"They were very affectionate and had no reservations about showing how into each other they are," an eyewitness said.

Heidi Montag Tries to Move On From Loss

"The Hills" starlet Heidi Montag may have lost her stepbrother in a tragic accident last week, but the Colorado native still is set to get down and dirty in Sin City this Friday night.

Miss Montag and her manager/former fiance Spencer Pratt still are secured to host a shindig at LAX nightclub, where they are expected to keep the party pumping until the very wee hours.

(Funny, must be "the thing" for our reality stars to earn some spare cash dancing and drinking at the Luxor's hotspot. Just last weekend, fellow "Hills" stars Brody Jenner and Frankie let loose at LAX, and just a few weeks back, Lauren Conrad worked the VIP stage, as did Kristin Cavallari for her 21st birthday. Must be nice to be A - paid to party and B - famous for just having no particular "skill.")

An insider told Tarts Heidi is hoping the weekend away from the Hollywood hype will help her move on from the freak incident that claimed the life of 24-year-old Eric O'Hara when he fell from the hotel roof he was working on in Colorado last Thursday.

"Losing my brother at such an early age is such a tragedy," Heidi said in a statement earlier this week. "I just loved him more than anything. He was so patriotic."

O'Hara was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. His death occurred just one month after his discharge from the Army.

Duff and Electra: Men Make You Eat?

Hollywood hotties Hilary Duff and Carmen Electra took big bites while in the Big Apple at New York's Kobe Club earlier this week.

After attending Cosmopolitan's Fun Fearless Male Awards honoring John Mayer on Monday, Electra stopped by for a massive multi-course dinner of fine foods.

The sexy starlet apparently stole the spotlight in her party of four as she nibbled and giggled, looking gorgeous; however, a fellow diner told Pop Tarts that she and her current love interest, former Korn guitarist Rob Patterson, looked "ever so sweet" as they sipped and sampled together.

Showing off a new Chanel purse, Duff hit up the swanky 58th Street club on Tuesday with her hockey-star love, Islander Mike Comrie (plus another four tag-alongs).

Pop Tarts has been told the "super sweet" Hilary and her table indulged in a wide variety of foods from Kobe ravioli to chopped steak to tuna tartare. Go girl!

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