Pop Tarts: Spicy 'Secret': Ginger 'Scary' Skinny and What Made Posh Smile?

The Spice Girls may have kicked off their comeback tour by testing their tunes at the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week, but instead of stripping down to a bare bod, it seems Geri "Ginger" Spice has stripped down to her bare bones even beyond Victoria Beckham.

And while the likes of "Very Sexy" supermodels such as Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima caused jaws to drop with their fab figures, it was Ms. Halliwell's fragile frame that caused a stir on the plush "Pink" carpet.

"Geri has been working out and working hard in prep for this big comeback," a source close to the "Stop" songstress told Pop Tarts. "She has really embraced the spiritual aspects of life and her positive energy has been the reason she has lost the pounds."

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But even though she's model-like little, it turns out that Geri and the girls definitely aren't women who "Wannabe" lingerie ladies.

"We are wearing clothes tonight — the clothes are definitely staying on," Halliwell and Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton said. "Everything the Spice Girls do is PG."

And even though they were prepping to perform alongside the most "Angelic" gals in the globe, Sporty insisted to us that their cure for feeling "fat or ugly" was simply to "give each other confidence."

Meanwhile, Pop Tarts did our best to get more than just a "Posh" pout from Mrs. Beckham. Lo and behold, our pop princess gave us a (kind of) grin, and it was all to do with her baby boy being present.

"My kids are here at the show," she said. "Well, one of mine stood on the side of the stage watching, so I'm making sure his mother is well-covered at least."

But somehow, we don't know that Posh would be quite so smiley if she knew that the only reason Gabrielle Union showed up at the fashion parade was to see Victoria's hubby David Beckham.

"There was one very important reason I came out tonight: the fact that maybe David Beckham will be here, supporting his wife," Gabs told us.

Meanwhile, Seal swore that his hottie wife Heidi Klum is more than just a woman in wings, and said he was "proud" that millions of men worldwide will have the chance to see her strut her stuff on TV next month.

"It makes me feel proud. I think the most amazing thing about Heidi is that she's everything — she's sexy, she's professional, she does things with integrity, she's a hard worker," Seal said.

And sweet she may be, Ms. Klum's "Secret" is to keep Seal in line.

"She really sets the standard in our house — she kicks my butt whenever I step out of line and it's hard to keep up with her" he said.

"But my wife manages to be such a great role model for everyone, for young people, and I think that's really what this is all about — being an entertainer. It's all about the standards that you set, the image that you put out, the message that you send to people who aspire to be like you, and I think there's no greater example, no greater ambassador for that than Heidi."

Post-Prison: Paris Plans New Money-Making Moves

Since hightailing it out of the hothouse, heiress Paris Hilton has plans to make a lot more money — for other people.

The star of the upcoming horror-rock opera "Repo!" told FOX that her future involves charity, and you can credit her newfound "maturity" to a discovery that her gift is to give back.

"I'm just growing up like every other girl does. I'm 26 years old now, and I've been through a lot and I've matured and I'm doing this film which is a project I'm really excited about," she said. "But I'm doing a lot of philanthropic work and that's what I want to do with my life."

Wow. But just because our perennial party girl will (one day) hang up her club-hopping heels doesn't mean that she will let her voice go to waste.

"I sing 12 tracks in this movie, but I worked with some really amazing voice coaches and we were in the studio every day," Paris told Pop Tarts. "I've spent my whole summer doing this movie and I recorded the soundtrack in like a month."

It's also nice to know that the Hilton hottie puts her pals at the top of her not-so-"Simple Life." Paris hosted a baby shower for her big-bellied best friend Nicole Richie on Sunday at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"It was just a small little gathering with Richie's relatives and very close friends," an insider told Pop Tarts. "She was just glowing with health and kept thanking Paris for all her effort in putting it all together and they all loved the cocktails … non-alcoholic of course!"

And just to add to the fact that our Paris really has changed, this party had a girls-only policy, and the shower was attended by mama Kathy Hilton, sister Nicky Hilton and DJ Samantha Ronson.

"It was a perfect girls' day out," added our fly-on-the-wall. "And when it comes to gifts, let's just say this is going to be one lucky little one."

Birthday Bedroom: Nick and Ness Mistake Party for Private Suite?

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo may be the most dazzling duo in the Big Apple, but the couple seemed to be more excited about each other than their birthday cake at their joint party held at Vegas hotspot LAX last Wednesday.

After returning from a week-long vacation-present to themselves in Puerto Rico, the "I Do Cherish You" crooner and MTV alumna Minnillo continued the celebration in style with sushi at Social House, followed by partying into the wee hours at the hippest joint on the Strip.

Just one problem: it appears they forgot they were no longer on vacation in private, and that instead they were in a very public club as hundreds crammed in to hang with them.

"These guys are clearly in love. They couldn't keep their eyes and hands off each other all night," said a Pop Tarts spy. "They were whispering cute little things to each other and Nick couldn't stop giving Vanessa little kisses. And times it looked like they should have gone and 'gotten a room,' but they had the respect to stay at the party as so many people came out just to see them both."

Wonder Woman in Waiting … Is It Christina Milian?

Jessica Biel said "no" and apparently Sarah Michelle Gellar was already booked — but could it be possible that singing sweetheart Christina Milian will soon be wandering into the role of Wonder Woman in George Miller's upcoming "Justice League of America"?

"No final casting decisions have been set in stone," an inside source told Pop Tarts. "But Christina is a very talented girl and would make an amazing Wonder Woman. There are a lot of things that need to be ironed out first, but she's definitely at the top of a lot the decision-makers' radars."

So while Miss Milian may be on the "leftovers" list for the comic-motivated movie, she certainly wasn't sampling scraps at Seventeen magazine's Jewelry Line Launch party at Hollywood hotspot "Ketchup" on Thursday night.

Pop Tarts popped the "AM to PM" party girl pecking away at mini servings of mac-and-cheese and Kobe beef sliders — and in prep for her possible position as a superhero, it seems that the songstress slummed with her personal hero all night.

"I love gossip," Christina exclaimed to Perez Hilton before jumping up to pose and prance with the blogger all night.

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