Pop Tarts: Reese Witherspoon Has History of Being 'Ugly'

It is hard to imagine Reese Witherspoon, one of Hollywood's sweetest yet sexiest stars, ever even having an ugly day, let alone enduring years of taunting for her physical "differences."

But it turns out the leading lady (and producer) of the new fairy-tale flick "Penelope" has had her fair share of ugly years.

Video: Reese and Ricci Talk Ugly

"I was actually teased quite a bit growing up," Witherspoon told Pop Tarts at the Hollywood premiere of "Penelope" last week. "I was a four-eyed square with glasses and I was picked on because of my weird, short-person walk."

But even despite the stress of the spotlight, the Oscar-winning mother-of-two has learned to love those "flaws."

"At the end of the day, you just have to accept what you have been given and appreciate the flaws," Reese said. "You can't get too down on it."

Christina Ricci stars alongside Witherspoon as a character maimed by a "pig nose," and for a girl who has been very open about battling bulimia and various body issues, it seems she has finally cut herself some slack.

"I think a film like this is a great antidote to a lot of that negative media about the way women look, and I feel like this is an opportunity to really send out a message about learning to love yourself," Ricci said. "It is important to teach young people to learn to love themselves and that maybe what makes you different is what makes you great."

Video: Pop Tarts Talk

But for anyone who believes that the ladies of Tinseltown have it easy with all the primping and pampering available to them, perhaps it is time to think again.

"As an actor, yeah, there is pressure to look good, but it's nothing like it is for the ladies, and I really wouldn’t wish to be a woman in Hollywood in any way," added male co-star James McAvoy .

"It is a lot tougher to get the work, there’s not as good roles and when you do get them you’ve got more pressure physically and mentally and fashion-wise. It seems to get in the way of what's important. As of yet, I don’t think the guys have it half as bad."

Jaime Pressly's Blonde Brigade

Jaime Pressly is one of the smartest and most successful starlets of the small screen, so it comes as no surprise that she has a slew of look-alike pals.

Pop Tarts spotted the "My Name Is Earl" beauty sporting a new 'do involving blonde bangs and a "Posh"-like bob at the Little Black Dress Wines/Clothes Off Our Back Foundation's "Wear Black and Give Back" pre-Oscar party at hotspot Opera/Crimson last week.

Holding court at a VIP table was Pressly, whose very own black dress was up for auction alongside those belonging to Gabrielle Union, America Ferrera, Nicollette Sheridan and even "Entourage" star Rex Lee's dress from a random night in drag. She sat amid a big bunch of beauties — almost all with matching blonde hairdos. Freaky?

Fans fussed over the Emmy-winner all night, pouring her drinks and assisting her. Life is tough when you're a leading lady and everybody wants to look like (and be) you. Sigh.

Pop Tarts also caught up with Shar Jackson, but unlike her former flame Kevin Federline, it seems as though the single mom actually can claim to be a serious singer.

Jackson said she's spending hours in the studio recording her first rap album, which she hopes will be out by summer. While her music producer has not yet been announced publicly, Tarts has been told that Shar very well may be working with someone close to Britney Spears. Now who is possibly doing the man-stealing? Stay tuned.

In case you forgot, Federline ditched Jackson for Britney in April 2004 while Shar was pregnant with his son Kaleb.

Freebie Fighting

If you spotted a starlet with pretty incredible eyelashes on the red carpet over Oscar weekend, chances are it wasn't exactly natural beauty.

The biggest trend on the carpet this year was semi-permanent lash extensions, which last about one month. But forget about them looking real — Hollywood hotties were all getting lashes dipped in glitter and bright colors.

Pop Tarts was told the claws came out at the private "Oscar En Suite" at the Sofitel Lounge on Friday when stars and industry executives got catty waiting outside the Novalash room.

According to an insider, two HBO bigwigs known for their involvement with "Sex and the City" and "The Sopranos" wanted a certain someone who stars on an opposing network's soap to hurry up and get off the bed for them.

"Things got very heated when all the women waiting started saying that their show was better so they should go first," the Novalash rep said. "Everyone wanted their lashes to look the best and be done the fastest; it was very amusing hearing such bickering. But at least we got through the day without any punches being thrown. Trust me — that has happened before when we put high-profile entertainment people in a room together."

(Psst ... Pop Tarts was even told that Beyonce is so into these interesting extensions that she flies one of their top technicians across the country for touch-ups when needed.)

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