Pop Tarts: Producer Offers Chelsea and Hillary Clinton $1 Million to Appear in Music Video

Amid calls for Hillary Clinton to pull out of the presidential race, a music producer is offering to pay the senator and her daughter Chelsea $1 million to star in his upcoming video.

Los Angeles-based music producer Al Walser (a Goodwill Ambassador for the tiny principality of Liechtenstein, who was brought to the States by Michael Jackson’s family and previously resided in their Encino, Calif., compound) is a former member of international pop group Fun Factory and has since launched a solo singing career.

However, the artist/producer (who is also working with Jermaine Jackson) has placed an offer to the Clinton ladies to be featured in his upcoming single "Yes I Can." The song is a take on Obama’s slogan "Yes We Can" and centers around the fact that "anything is possible."

"We always wanted to fill this part with a known political female public figure, and I was told that Hillary currently had great use for the money," Walser told Pop Tarts.

"As for Chelsea, the idea really started in Liechtenstein as she is super popular in our country, so it's a must that she'll make an appearance in the video too. I'd also be more than happy to accommodate her and fiancé Marc Mezvinsky in the principality and also tour our beautiful little ski resort Malbun."

(Rumors that Chelsea and Mezvinsky are engaged have been going around for some time, but have not been confirmed.)

Singer Macy Gray has also been working in the studio with Walser on the track, and is "top of the list" as the lead vocalist for the song. Walser is currently waiting to hear back from Clinton’s office.

"I’m happy to negotiate the role Chelsea and Hillary will play in the video," he said, adding that they may prefer using archival footage due to their hectic schedules (if, of course, they want any part in it at all).

Walser initially met Hillary in January at a fundraiser in Beverly Hills (Chelsea was also present); however, he also has close ties to Barack Obama, who he says promised to be the first president to visit Liechtenstein if elected.

New Playmate of the Year: 'My Parents Couldn’t Be Happier'

She’s the first Canadian to take the title since Shannon Tweed in 1972, and 2008 Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole says her parents are "so proud" of their little girl.

"Everyone is so excited and my parents couldn’t be happier," the 22-year-old brunette told Pop Tarts at Thursday’s Playmate of the Year luncheon held at the iconic Playboy Mansion. "They’ve come all the way down here from Ontario to support me."

But for a gal who was once "terrified" of being nude, Jayde has certainly come a long way.

"I used to just be a regular model; I did runway and fashion," said the Playmate who also owns her own modeling agency. "Going nude seemed terrifying, but I bought a magazine and saw how classy it was and I changed my mind.

"My first shoot was so nerve-racking. I had my robe on and they were just like ‘OK, drop it,’ and I kind of freaked. But everyone was totally professional so it was all smooth sailing. I’m pretty comfortable with it now."

Well, that’s just as well, as supersized copies of her nude spread were displayed throughout the lush luncheon.

According to Hugh Hefner himself, Miss Jayde won hands-down.

"There was no question about it, the readers voted for her online and she won overwhelmingly," Hef said. "She’s amazing. What a body. …"

Madonna 'French' Kisses a Mystery Woman

She’s no Britney Spears, but Madonna has celebrated the launch of her latest album "Hard Candy" with some girl-on-girl good times.

The Queen of Pop locked lips with an unidentified female at a private concert in Paris earlier this week, after taking a swig of champagne.

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"Why do I have this relationship with France? I'm always drawn to working with French people — and frenching French people," the Material Girl told the theater. "Viva la France!" she reportedly told a packed Olympia Theater.

Madonna last made headlines for making out with women onstage when she smooched Spears and Christina Aguilera at the VMAs in 2003. Hey, nothing like a bit of PR when you're working for another No. 1, right?

William H. Macy Opens Up About the 'Action' He Got on Prom Night

It seems that William H. Macy's starring role in "Bart Got a Room" brought back a few too many memories of his high-school days.

"I didn't get laid on my prom night, sadly," Pop Tarts spies overheard Macy telling party pals at the film's post-party held at Tenjune's Cadillac Lounge following its Tribeca Film Festival Premiere last week.

"But I got to borrow my brother's Thunderbird for the evening, which was even better, since it was once in a lifetime as it never happened again," he said. "Even though I didn't get any action in the car, at least I got some on the road."

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