Pop Tarts: Posh Peeved: Why She’s Turning Away From the USA

Victoria Beckham’s recent run-in with the Los Angeles "fashion police" has her pretty peeved at the city she now calls home.

Last month it was revealed that the former Spice Girl’s fashion line dVb was on the verge of being dumped by numerous boutiques, with trendy Kitson owner, Fraser Ross, warning Posh to "grow up" and start promoting the line or "go home."

Pop Tarts has confirmed she’s chosen the latter and has scheduled an in-store appearance at Harrods in London on Thursday — her fashion rep telling us there are "no plans" to promote in L.A.

"It’s a huge slap in the face," Ross told Tarts. "Her people told us that we won’t be getting an in-store appearance because Victoria was angry about all the negative press she got here and things I said. So instead of trying to fix it, she’s just snubbing us at a time when the U.S. economy really needs a boost."

Ross also was upset about false quotes circulating the Internet that he believes may have been spread by the brains behind Beckham’s label. He said numerous sites such as British Vogue and New York magazine featured articles that quoted the Kitson owner retracting his comments and suggesting that plans to dump Victoria’s line were "ridiculous." (British Vogue did not comment on the allegations in an interview with Pop Tarts; New York magazine did not respond to a call for comment.)

"I never said that and those quotes were put in place to make me look like a fool," he said. "Victoria asked me to issue a statement saying that they were best-sellers and flying off the shelves, but I said I would not lie like that, but it looks like they’ve done it anyway.

"Right now I have no choice but to pull her line off the floor — I’m lucky to sell 18 pairs of dVb jeans a month, whereas other brands at her price point I sell at least 200," he added.

A rep for Beckham had no comment.

The pop princess also made headlines recently after she was featured on the cover of the April edition of British Vogue, reportedly sparking several consumers to cancel their subscriptions.

An insider also told Tarts that sales for this edition were down 20 percent compared to the other issues this year; however, a rep for the magazine told us that they had "many letters of congratulations and only three of complaint," and that Vic’s cover "sold better than the April issue last year."

Ten days ago, Beckham also filed a lawsuit against jeans giants Rock & Republic for $100 million in unpaid funds after her split from the company.

So while things aren’t flying quite so high professionally for the pop star in L.A., at least she has supportive pals like Kate Beckinsale and Eva Longoria, who are sporting her sunglasses and jeans in the wake of the negative dVb press. Even "so cool" Katie Holmes has been wearing Vic’s shades — at night, of course.

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'Sex and the City' Starlets Fighting? Cattrall Hints at Parker’s 'Issues'

Without saying too much about the sexiest film to steam up the screen this year, we can confirm that Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) is the only leading lady who doesn't flash her flesh in her "Sex and the City" love scenes.

But judging by co-star Kim Cattrall’s take on the situation, it appears as though Parker suffers a few body image issues.

"Some people are comfortable with showing their bodies and some people just aren't," she explained. "As Kim, I am not that self-assured, either, but I knew I had to be fearless as Samantha."

Interestingly, Sarah's real-life hubby, Matthew Broderick, also seems to battle the body blues.

"I don’t like to watch myself or see pictures; I just don’t find it very valuable," he recently told Pop Tarts. "I guess I’m very self-conscious. I feel more comfortable doing theater where I don’t have to look at myself."

But back to Cattrall: It turns out that her decision not to sign on to do a follow-up film to the hit HBO series four years ago had more to do with fatigue and family problems than holding out for a bigger paycheck, as most reports suggested.

"The series was ending and it meant so much to us, so I was going through a divorce in my professional life as well as my personal life," she said. "It was a lot for me to deal with. My father had just been diagnosed with dementia and I needed time out to take care of my real family as opposed to my 'Sex and the City' family — and we were all tired."

But are the four leading ladies once again experiencing that tiredness — from each other? An insider at the New York press day last week told Tarts the women "clearly don’t get along" and that Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis were the only pair who even remotely conversed.

"For the radio and print-press conferences, organizers had to make sure that Kim was interviewed last," our spy said. "This way if she said anything catty, the journalists couldn’t follow up and ask the others, which could have sent sparks flying."

Exclusive: Kutcher to Use His Webbed Feet to Save Ducks and Geese From Slaughter?

Ashton Kutcher may have been dealt the imperfection of webbed feet, but it seems he can use the genetic mishap to save animals from slaughter.

Animals rights group PETA has just sent the "What Happens in Vegas" star a letter expressing its "excitement" over learning of his condition and requesting he use his "unique" feet for a good cause.

• Click here to read the letter (pdf).

"While you may have endured some painful ribbing as a kid, these birds endure the pain of having pipes shoved down their throats three times per day so that two pounds of grain can be pumped into their stomachs to produce the diseased 'fatty liver' dish known as foie gras," wrote PETA special projects coordinator Michelle Cho.

"These poor animals spend their entire lives crammed in dirty, dark sheds, where they suffer from injury and disease and are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them."

The organization asks Ashton if he would lend his webbed feet for a photo shoot that would "highlight the extreme suffering that goes into every ounce of foie gras."

So will we soon see Kutcher’s joined toes "go naked"? Stay tuned.

Britney Spears in ANOTHER Car Crash

Was Britney Spears foreseeing the future back in 1998 when she burst onto the billboard charts with "Hit Me Baby One More Time"?

Despite a string of fender-benders, including a hit-and-run with a parked car, running over a photog’s foot and most recently rear-ending another vehicle on the Ventura freeway a month ago, the songstress (who somehow still has a license) bumped the back of a Ford Explorer in her SUV in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon.

Pop Tarts has confirmed that Brit kept a low profile while her bodyguard (and front-seat passenger) stepped out of the car and handed his business card to the driver of the other car. For goodness' sake, why wasn’t he driving in the first place?

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