Pop Tarts: Paris Hilton Embarks on a Path of Enlightenment

It appears as though Paris Hilton's new romance with Benji Madden is turning the party princess into quite the "Good Charlotte."

Rather than spending her Saturday night getting down and dirty at a Hollywood hotspot, the "Stars Are Blind" singer spent time cleansing out those sins with a shaman at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore while donning an all-white Sunday School-inspired dress.

The process didn't take all night, which gave Miss Hilton and her new friend time to head over to West Hollywood's Urth Caffé to indulge in organic teas and fine foods.

Oh, but before being blessed, the hotel heiress made sure she was seen reading a pamphlet entitled "The Path of the Painted Shaman." The "Hottie" even gave her not-so-"Simple" diamond necklace away to a complete stranger under her teacher's instructions. Was she in a trance or what?

"She was very softly spoken and very sweet," an eyewitness told Tarts. "She was smiling and seemed very at peace."

According to an inside source, the former prisoner is turning to shamanism to bring "love and luck" into her life.

"Paris is getting tired of the party image and really wants to settle down and start a family," a Hilton pal said. "She's sick of being branded the wild child and needs some stability and is ready for change."

Hmmm, haven't we heard this before?

Victoria's Secret Model Depressed by Pregnancy Pounds?

Pregnant Brazilian Victoria's Secret "Angel" Alessandra Ambrosio and her American beau Jamie Mazur were spotted recently at Hollywood hotspot Goa, where Ambrosio appeared to be on the brink of tears.

"Everybody around her was drinking, dancing and having an amazing time," an eyewitness told Pop Tarts. "But Alessandra just looked so unhappy — it was a side of her I had never seen before. She was sipping water, barely said a word to anyone and seemed really uncomfortable tugging at her outfit and trying to hide her little baby bump."

Even as her supermodel sisters Selita Ebanks, Karolina Kurkova and Adriana Lima hosted (and partied) at the "What Is Sexy" soiree during last month's Super Bowl, Alessandra's pregnancy meant she had to work. The stunner reportedly had to squeeze in one final spur-of-the-moment swimsuit shoot in Los Angeles before she started to "show."

"She and Jamie are excited to be having a child together but they weren't together all that long when it all happened so it's a big learning curve," another source added. "Her career was such a high, so obviously priorities have changed. That's always very difficult for anyone to deal with, especially given the fact Alessandra has made millions with her body so the sudden weight gain would be stressful."

But even though the 26-year-old is expected to pop out her first child just a couple of months before the big VS show in November, she could still be roaming the runways. After all, Heidi Klum managed to do it just six weeks after giving birth.

"Alessandra will probably just do what Heidi did and get her gorgeous body back in no time," another insider said. "Although she isn't as disciplined as Heidi. She treats herself a lot more so I am guessing she will find getting back in shape a little more challenging."

Oliver Hudson Knows 'Squat' About Sister Kate

Here's a tip: If you ever intend to peeve Kate Hudson's brother Oliver Hudson, then all you have to do is ask about his more famous sister.

The actor turned up to the World Poker Tour at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles on Saturday evening, but his blood started boiling when a television entertainment network asked him to set the record straight about Kate and those baby bump/multiple-boyfriend rumors that are currently running rampant.

"I have squat to say about that," he snapped. "That's not my business, let alone yours."

However, he was happy to chat about the recent addition to his family.

"I have a beautiful 6-month-old, so that's my focus right now," Oliver told Tarts. "But date nights with my wife are much harder now; we have to really plan them out. Before we could always just do what we wanted when we wanted, make love when we wanted. Now all our time alone together has to be planned."

Ricki Lake also appeared to try her luck against the likes of Daniel Baldwin, Meat Loaf, Mimi Rogers and Mekhi Phifer — but was more interested in expressing her relief about being away from the talk-show world.

"You have no idea how much better life is out of that. Oh my gosh, I would never ever go back to it," Lake said. "I don't watch talk shows; I stay totally, totally away from that world. Arrghh."

Diddy Has an Appetite

He may have lost the "Puffy" part of his name, but Diddy seems to have an overflowing appetite.

Pop Tarts has been told that the star of the new "Raisin in the Sun" movie consumed a lot more than dried fruit while having lunch at Fred Segal Mauro Café on Melrose last week.

After working up an appetite playing football with his son (in the parking lot outside), Diddy cleared the bread basket and a massive bowl of pasta before ordering another main dish of chicken breast and some sweets.

But his belly obviously wasn't quite bursting enough as the hip-hopper happily accepted a bottle of Chianti wine. Let's hope he played some more ball afterward!

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