Pop Tarts: Paris 'Desperate' for a Friend

Watch out, it's official: Paris Hilton may just want you to be her new best friend!

The starlet's "Simple Life" is about to get a whole lot more complicated as she takes on yet another "reality" project.

The heiress is set to star in a new MTV series where the average American can register at www.parisbff.com to be the best bud of the Hollywood heartbreaker.

"I'm looking for someone with loyalty and integrity that won't stab me in the back like so many do in this town," Paris said at a Hollywood Hills press conference on Thursday night. "I want someone who will be like my sister; she really is my best friend."

Filming is set to start in May, when the singer/actress/designer will recruit 20 "lucky" lasses and lads to live with her in a posh pad. Paris told Tarts that she plans to test the contestants "like crazy." Although she doesn't have a preference over girls or guys, the business-minded beauty seems to be more comfortable with the feminine touch.

"I'm a pretty good judge of character and I'm confident I will make the right decision," Hilton said. "It will be a fun experience — we will go to Vegas, and we will party hard. I will be teaching the contestants and examining them on if they can get into clubs, watching them shop. Girly stuff really."

But although Hilton said that her lifelong bestie Nicole Richie "understands that she will never be replaced", the new mom will possibly make a guest appearance on the program.

Hilton and her best bud Nicole previously got down and dirty (literally) for three seasons on the FOX reality series "The Simple Life." Despite its initial success, the show was given the boot due to a reported fallout between the two beauties, but a fourth and fifth season was aired by E! Entertainment Television.

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So let's hope the hotel hottie can do better things for MTV than she did for the box office.

Hilton’s most recent comedy, "The Hottie and the Nottie" has reportedly grossed only $27,696 domestically in theaters on its opening weekend while her 2003 horror "House of Wax" didn’t do much better. As for her other film attempts, "The Hillz" and "Bottoms Up" — well, they both went straight to DVD.

But let's not forget that the pap-ular Paris does have the ability to make millions with her ah, on-screen sexiness. After all, her infamous homemade sex video "1 Night in Paris" is still one of the most downloaded clips on the Web, and has made more than $50 million in DVD sales.

New Best Buddies? Christina Milian and Kristen Bell to Shop for Shoes

Sassy starlets Christina Milian and Kristen Bell were both sipping and socializing together all night at the Sony Cierge Spring Preview party in West Hollywood on Wednesday, but when they weren’t playing with the high-tech gizmos and gadgets, the glamorous gals were planning something a little less pricey.

Pop Tarts heard the two talking complimenting each other on their bottoms (aka shoes) and were even planning a trip to "Payless" together too make the most of the buy one/get one free deal. Gosh, what kind of paychecks are record companies and "Heroes" execs giving out?!

But while the "AM to PM" crooner wouldn’t join Bell for some karaoke at the SingStar game, Stacy Keibler was more than happy to steal the spotlight (and the microphone).

But that wasn’t enough for the former wrestling pro. When a fan came up to say how much she loved "Dancing With the Stars," Stacy showed the (very) surprised partygoer some sassy quicksteps and insisted she learn too. Hmm, sounds like she’s prepping for a new profession. …

The night also proved to be a bit of a "West Wing" reunion with Allison Janney, Lawrence O’Donnell, Dule Hill and Melissa Fitzgerald snapping each other (seriously) with the skimpy new digital cams.

But "Juno" Janney used the excuse that she was rehearsing for her new role in Dolly Parton’s "9 to 5" musical (which kicks off this fall) to belt out a well, er, interesting rendition of Elton John’s "Rocket Man."

Joe Francis: 'I Was a Rock Star in Prison'

After 11 months behind bars, "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis was released on Wednesday after pleading no contest to one count of felony child abuse and two misdemeanor prostitution charges in Bay County Court, Fla.

On behalf of his company, Mantra Films, Francis also pleaded no contest to two additional child-abuse counts. As the allegations against him were classified as "abuse," Francis will not have to register as a child sex offender.

In his first official post-jail appearance, Francis expressed his "innocence" on Thursday morning at a Beverly Hills press conference.

"I was held in incarceration illegally and accepted a plea deal just to get out of jail," Francis said. "I am innocent; I have committed no crime whatsoever. The two 17-year-old girls that sued me falsified forms and their IDs. The material shot was never used or passed on."

Francis believes that officials in Panama City have held a "vendetta" against him since 2003 and considered him a "scum-sucking lowlife that wasn’t welcome in their city."

He also dismissed reports that he bribed a public servant and explained his arrest for three counts of a controlled substance was "prescription medication" that he took to the correctional facility.

However the 33-year-old is determined to build his "Girls Gone Wild" empire despite his prison experience, and is even releasing a magazine with bonus full-length DVD on April 15 and a tequila in June.

"This whole situation was a total farce, I didn’t do anything and the brand will survive and be bigger then ever," Francis told Tarts. "I am a very ADD, hyper-focused person, and when I was locked in that cage, I was able to analyze everything and gather a great deal of new ideas."

The sex video mogul, estimated to earn more than $29 million annually for his business, confirmed that while he wasn’t treated as a "protective" case behind bars he did receive a great deal of inmate attention.

"I was treated like a rock star, a total hero," he added. "But never in my life will go anywhere near Panama City. The judge imprisoned me illegally, this whole situation is absurd."

Steve Carell Accuses Us All of Murder

Think you've never done anything naughty? Well, you may just have to argue that one out with Steve Carell — after all, he is a town mayor these days.

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"With every step you have taken today you've crushed millions of innocent creatures," Carell told Tarts at last weekend's Hollywood premiere. "No matter what we all do, we're hurting others."

Hmmm, it does seem as though the funnyman has confused his reel life from his real life.

"I've had a bit of experience now, so I guess I could have a go at being the mayor of Los Angeles. It may or may not work out," he added. "I honestly don’t know if you could get an animated character on a ballot. Well if Stephen Colbert, who is actually a real person, could not get on the ballot I doubt that an animated character could be put on a ballot, but you never know."

His co-star Jim "Elephant" Carrey however, prepared for his big-eared role in a way that doesn't seem so far removed from typical Tinseltown practices.

"I ate a lot of peanuts, and I had a trainer walk around behind me with a shovel," Carey said. "It is amazing how it regulates you."

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