Pop Tarts: Kristin Cavallari Parties Hard Over Super Bowl Weekend

It seems former "Laguna Beach" babe Kristin Cavallari had a little too much fun over the Super Bowl weekend.

The reality star rocked out at 944 Magazine/Tao's House of Hennessy, where a spy tells Pop Tarts she asked her friend for a girl-on-girl smooch.

"At one point, Kristin walked outside with her girlfriends and they all sat on the floor by the fire pit, which was all dirty and disgusting," said our spy. "Suddenly she started screaming 'I need food!'"

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But when she didn't get it fast enough, she took a toothpaste tube out of her purse, smeared the toothpaste all over the ground and her friend's arm, then proceeded to throw the toothpaste along with some trash into the fire pit."

However, the blond babe was finally fed burgers and ribs (which she supposedly shoveled into her mouth) before making her move.

"She then looked at one of her girlfriends and said, 'You're hot. Let's make out!'" said the insider (who added that the request was refused).

But apparently, that wasn't the only action Cavallari was seeking.

"Perhaps she and Kevin Connolly both sipped a little too much POM Sidecar," added our eyewitness. "They were all over each other on the dance floor and left together."

Spears Saga: Leave Lynne Alone!

Fingers have been pointed at Lynne Spears and her parenting skills recently, given the behavior of her eldest daughter, Britney Spears, and that her sweet 16-year-old, Jamie Lynn, is expecting.

However, longtime friends of the Louisiana native insist that she really is a devoted and doting mother.

"She's portrayed as a bad mother, a mother that doesn't care, a mother interested in money …and that's simply not the truth," a woman named Joy (who has known the family for more than 20 years) told "Access Hollywood."

"She gave her children every opportunity and she wanted the best for them. She grieved over the suffering of her family. She's not the mother that the press makes her out to be."

The family friend also said that mama Lynne had become so "desperate" to reach her eldest daughter during her decline that she was prepared to do whatever it took.

However, an insider (who has worked with Britney since her career kicked off) told Pop Tarts that she also saw a "stage mom" side.

"Lynne shouldn't be blamed for Britney's problems, but it isn't easy parenting a famous young girl."

'The Hills' Hotties Bring Daddy Dates to Playboy Party

Synonymous with the Super Bowl, of course, is the annual Playboy party, but this year Hugh Hefner and his three young girlfriends were (almost) outshone by two other reality starlets and their slightly "older" other halves.

Pop Tarts has been told that Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge hung with the busty bunnies throughout the night, as did their dads.

"The girls both brought the two most important men in their lives as dates to the wild party," said our spy. "Their fathers."

So while these two had no choice but to be on their best behavior, the same rules apparently did not apply to "Heroes" hottie (and co-star Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend) Milo Ventimiglia. Pop Tarts was told the young stud spent his night flirting with the New England Patriots' cheerleaders.

So while stacks of celebs were "hopping" at Hef's bash, others were getting a taste of "heaven" at the Victoria's Secret "What is Sexy" shindig alongside "Angels" Selita Ebanks, Karolina Kurkova and Adriana Lima. Ryan Seacrest, Adrian Grenier and Tom Arnold got the best of both worlds and turned up to both parties.

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