Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have worked pretty hard over the past year to keep their passion private, so Pop Tarts was pretty surprised to see them emerge for the opening of Hollywood’s latest hotspot Kress on Friday night.

Justin drove his leading lady to the venue around 11:30 p.m., where they were immediately escorted to their private cabana by the bar at the rooftop of the four-level venue.

Flanked by friends in the dark corner, the Tinseltown twosome spent most of their night in a lip-lock (coupled with the occasional laugh). Biel must be feeling pretty comfortable with her pop star beau — makeup-free and donning a basic white blouse with jeans, she was probably the most low-key lady at the club.

Biel’s ex-boyfriend Chris Evans (the actors dated for two years before calling it quits two years ago) kept his distance before finally going over to their area just after midnight. Evans seemed slightly awkward as he skirted around the edges of the group, but passed the time by chatting to another stunning brunette.

We’re told that the property owners have even purchased the entire back parking lot in order to keep prying paps/trespassers away, just so the stars and starlets feel comfortable coming and going. What will all our D-listers do without their next 15 minutes of fame?

Spike Lee Slams 'Jealous' Rev. Jesse Jackson

Barack Obama may have forgiven Rev. Jesse Jackson for his crude remarks last week (he said that the presidential candidate talked down to black people and that he wanted to cut off his n—s), but Oscar-winning director Spike Lee isn't so compassionate.

"I'm very disappointed in Jesse Jackson, these old heads — I don't know why they're doing this stuff. I think jealousy is somewhere in there," Lee told Pop Tarts last week. "I even read in one of the New York papers that Jesse’s son is upset with him. There is no place for that and it's really making Jesse look bad. It's uncalled for."

In Lee's opinion, Jackson needs to realize that his time in the political limelight has most certainly passed.

"In life, sometimes you have your moment, you have your window that lights upon you and then it leaves," he added. "This is not Jesse's time right now, this is Barack Obama's time and he's just having problems dealing with that."

Another reporter then jumped on the current affairs bandwagon and decided to ask the director about his thoughts on the A-Rod/Madonna scandal.

"Oh, come on," he sighed.

Casinos Crazy for A-Rod & Madonna

But on that note, it seems casinos across the country are cashing in on the drama.

For example, Lucky's Race and Sports Book at Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nev., is attempting to entice sports fans and entertainment enthusiasts alike with their big bet of "How many career home runs will New York Yankee’s star Alex Rodriguez have by pop star queen Madonna's 50th birthday on Aug. 16?"

Meanwhile, the alleged affair now has bookies doubting whether the Yankees can overcome Rodriguez’s "off-field" turbulence as the team’s odds of winning the 2008 World Series were pushed into double digits over the last week. According to Sports Betting Baseball, they opened at 9/2 but now stand at 14/1 to win the series.

Ewan McGregor Unaware of Kidman's Baby Name?

Pop Tarts caught up with Ewan McGregor promoting his upcoming FOX reality channel series "Long Way Down" in Beverly Hills on Friday, and we were a bit surprised to discover he seemed pretty unaware of Nicole Kidman's newborn baby.

"What do you think of the name Sunday Rose?" I asked, but McGregor's response was a puzzled "What for? For a baby's name?"

I quickly reminded him that that just so happened to be the very publicized name of his "Moulin Rouge" co-star Kidman's little bundle of joy.

"Oh really? That's a nice name then," he said, before quickly running away.

Pete Picks Up Where Ashlee Left Off

Back in 2006, Ashlee Simpson was the first-ever star to sing at a Victoria’s Secret Pink party, but now hubby Pete Wentz has been given the top job.

Wentz and his band Fall Out Boy will be causing a stir at the Santa Monica Pier Thursday night as they do their thing for the lingerie label’s line. And unlike most lush Los Angeles parties, this one is open to the public and free with no lists and no lines.

Pop Tarts also has been told that Wentz was happy to learn that the entire pier is getting a total "pink" makeover — could this be a sign of what he’s "expecting"?

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