Pop Tarts: Jewel Says Record Label Wouldn't Help Her Go Country

She was one of the most influential artists of the '90s after selling more than 12 million copies of her debut album "Pieces of You." But behind the scenes, songstress Jewel says she was in a mess with her former label, Atlantic Records.

"I have been writing country music since I was 16 and was always wanting to do an album," she told Pop Tarts. "But they gave me no support."

In early 2007, it was reported that Atlantic Records had failed to renew Jewel's contract due to dismal sales of her sixth album "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland." However, the Alaskan-born beauty (who is getting ready to release her first country album "Perfectly Clear" with independent label Valory Records on June 3) has quite a different story to tell.

"The only hard thing about making the transition from pop to country was my label," she said. "My other label wouldn't help me at all break into country radio. The whole time I was working in Nashville and I got no support.

"I reached a point where I knew I had to get off that label and find a label that cared about music rather than making a hit," she continued. "I wanted to be in Nashville where the people were real, and they supported music."

Also unlike so many stars of today, Jewel chooses to stay away from the spotlight by living in a saddle ranch with her cowboy beau Ty Murray.

"I grew up on a ranch in Alaska with no running water," she added. "Ty still makes me do lots of chores, but I have a shower and a flushing toilet now, so I feel pretty spoiled."

Britney's Dad Awarded More Money as Her Full-Time Caregiver

Poor Britney Spears — not only is she forbidden from being a full-time mom, she now has to pay her dad even more to be her full-time caregiver.

Earlier this week, the court granted Jamie Spears' request to be paid $10,000 in "replacement compensation" for the first month he took over as co-conservator of his eldest daughter's estate, which began on Feb 1.

According to documents, Jamie felt the back-pay was necessary as he had to quit his job as a caterer in order to care for Brit full-time and thus had to surrender his source of income.

Additionally, Jamie Spears was awarded a $2,500 weekly salary, beginning in March. Goodness, y'all, it must be stressful spending your daughter's cash and hangin' with her in Costa Rica.

Paula Needs Heaps of Helpers

David Cook was the one to take the "Idol" crown on Wednesday night, but his personal posse still isn't as prominent as judge Paula Abdul's.

Abdul arrived on the red carpet in what was basically a trailing wedding dress, only it was bright pink. Dressed to the nines, the pop princess could barely walk in her high-heels and required half-a-dozen men to "spot" her, hold the dress and catch her every two steps when she tripped up.

Mind you, Abdul donned a similar prom get-up on Tuesday, which also required assistance — does she just like the extra male attention?

But even though we love to poke fun at the three famous judges, this season's results prove that the average American doesn't really care what they say. After all, they declared David Archuleta the "knockout" but David Cook still swept in with 12 million extra votes.

On that note, our 17-year-old runner-up was anything but bitter backstage after the announcement.

"To be up there tonight and to be standing next to Cook is such an honor, because he’s been someone I’ve looked up to since the beginning," Archuleta said. "It’s just like I can’t believe I’m standing next to this guy. He's a superstar."

Date Hayden Panettiere: Arrest Warrants Attached?

Hayden Panettiere made headlines last year when she protested the slaughtering of whales in Japan, causing the government to issue a warrant for her arrest should she return to their shores.

But that won't stop the young "Hereos" hottie from fighting for the animal rights, and she even wants some significant others to join her.

Earlier this week (and up until May 30) Panettiere launched her own eBay auction giving everyone the chance to win a private whale-watching lunch date with her, as well as tickets to an exclusive fundraising dinner at Eva Longoria's new Hollywood restaurant Beso — and you can even bring five friends.

Click to bid.

But just a word of warning: There is no guarantee that arrest warrants won't be attached.

"The Japanese government has reintroduced whale and dolphin meat into school lunch programs, to encourage the taste for this dying cultural delicacy," Hayden said. "Less than 1 percent of Japanese citizens consume this meat, and yet the killing continues."

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