Pop Tarts: Jessica Simpson Anxious for Academy Award?

Jessica Simpson is certainly blessed when it comes to belting out a song, but in terms of being a screen sensation, some (OK, many) would say that she isn’t quite as skilled.

However, a "source" supposedly told UK’s Female First that the “Irresistible” singer has a new “Blonde Ambition”: to win an Oscar for acting.

The "insider" said that the eldest Simpson sis is so desperate to be taken seriously in this arena that she is considering a script that involves full-frontal nudity.

Sadly for some, Pop Tarts has learned that this rumor is just ... a rumor. A rep for the “Dukes of Hazzard” hottie said that Simpson’s sole focus right now is on her music career and that she is busy working on a country album in Nashville.

But we’re sure that’s not all she is busy doing while in “Cowboy” country. Jessica and NFL quarterback Tony Romo have been a cozy little couple for some weeks now, and according to a Simpson pal, “Jess looks and feels the best she has been in a long, long time.”

Meanwhile, Simpson's new movie, "Blonde Ambition," is reportedly going straight to DVD.

"The movie is absolutely horrible," a source told Us Weekly in August. "It’s just a bomb, mainly because of Jessica’s acting."

Baby Spice in a Bungle

It seems like there was a little too much girl power pumping through the Spice Girls in their Vegas show earlier this week, as Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton took a dive that will stop her from dancing … at least for a little while.

The Spice Girls were going for gold amid their consummate comeback concert when Em (who took a few tumbles back in the Girls' platform-shoe wearing days) took a turn that resulted in a sprain.

Consequently, she has been spotted hobbling about on crutches.

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A front-row fan told Tarts that the incident happened during the opening act "Spice Up Your Life" when Bunton slipped on confetti as she was strutting up the stairs. Geri "Ginger" Halliwell helped her up, the fan said.

However, another concertgoer told Tarts that Baby's spill didn't spoil the show.

“It was amazing and in terms of both looks and performance, the girls were better than 10 years ago,” said the fan.

The crooners are now en route to their homeland of London for a string of shows, and Bunton is confident that she will make a quick recovery.

Hilary Swank Happy to 'Not Pass as a Boy'

She’s smart, she’s sweet and she’s skilled — but what must a man do to win the heart of double Oscar-winner Hilary Swank? (Hint: the answer certainly isn't cough up a “Million Dollars, Baby.")

“I think romance is in the little things, it is in the everyday little things,” Swank said Sunday night at the Hollywood premiere of her new romantic flick “P.S. I Love You."

“It’s leaving a note in a coat pocket or if someone’s had a hard day, it is bringing them a cupcake — it is those lovely little things that count for me anyway. I’m not big on grand gestures.”

And one person who obviously knows perfectly how to pleasure the princess of “Boys Don’t Cry” is Hollywood talent agent and her current catch, John Campisi.

The ex-wife of actor Chad Lowe tells the upcoming issue of W magazine that she is totally “in love” and that he is simply “a great guy."

But even though playing a goofy-gorgeous gal is a first for Hils (who usually takes on more robust roles), it turns out that this character makes her more comfortable.

“Playing her was probably the closest I have come to who I am physically of any character I’ve ever played,” Swank added. “I didn’t have to put on 19 pounds of muscle, which I was pleased about, or pass as a boy. So I get to wear a lot of pretty clothes and a lot of pretty shoes, so that’s fun.”

Speaking of fun, it seems as though some of Swank’s co-stars may have had just a little too much fun while filming the flick in the pleasant pastures of Ireland.

“I tasted so many famous Irish beers, but the Guinness happened to be my favorite beer,” said “Ugly Betty” star Gina Gershon. “I definitely drank a lot of it, but I was lucky because I was supposed to be pregnant in the movie, so I thought it was my duty to drink Guinness while filming and gain a couple of extra pounds. All the women in the bar told me it was good for me.”

“I did try the Guinness and I really liked it because it’s so rich, but generally I don’t drink too much so maybe it was a bit wasted on me,” Lisa Kudrow said.

And even though Kudrow has no problem booting beer from her life, the former Phoebe is struggling to forget to “Friends."

“It is hard sometimes and I miss them all so much,” she told Pop Tarts. “It was such an amazing period of my life and I know it is difficult for a lot of people to see me as anything beyond Phoebe and she’ll be within me forever. It was such a great show — I’m glad they’re still doing re-runs. I do miss it a lot.”

Julia Roberts Loves Oprah, Tom Hanks

Pop Tarts was present at Universal Studios last Monday as yummy mummy Julia Roberts caused rumblings on the red carpet at the premiere of her latest flick “Charlie Wilson’s War” in one fine figure-hugging black mini.

And with the Barack Obama benefit buzzing just next door, Juls just wanted to talk about her best buddy Oprah rather than Election 2008.

“Trust me, you’ll get a much better answer if we don’t talk about politics,” Roberts said with a laugh.

But what about Oprah and the "O" factor?

“I still believe in the power of the people, even though they’ve let us down before,” Roberts responded. “I’m believing in the power of the people and having Oprah on your side — she is an amazing woman.”

Julia also gushed to Pop Tarts about her co-star Tom Hanks.

“Working with Tom was good, so so good,” she said. "It was fantastic — I’m just looking at him across the way — he’s so so dreamy and sweet and honest and good and just, I just adore him, I really do.”

But before you get the wrong idea of any off-set “action," wife Rita Wilson was close by supporting her Academy Award-winning hubby. And Hanks also wanted to opine about Oprah.

“I don’t think celebrities matter a whit, quite frankly,” Tom told Tarts while talking about the impact celebrities have on elections. “But Oprah might — because she’s Oprah.”

But back to Julia, Pop Tarts was pleasantly surprised about how sweet the starlet was (despite rampant rumors that Roberts isn’t media-friendly). She even gave the paparazzi a wave while dining with hubby Danny Moder in a Venice café on Tuesday.

“She was really lovely,” an onlooker told Tarts. “Well-mannered and well-spoken.”

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