Pop Tarts: Hulk Hogan Supervises Brooke's Sexy Men's Magazine Shoot

Hulk Hogan makes no secret of the fact that he's ultra-protective of his 20-year-old daughter, Brooke Hogan, but he took things one step further when he turned up to her sexy magazine shoot for men's magazine Maxim in April, a source told Pop Tarts.

The July issue features the blonde beauty with a "come hither" expression as she's poised on beachside rocks in a bikini top with her tight jeans undone.

An insider told Pop Tarts that Hulk's appearance was a surprise to those on the set, and that he came to supervise and ensure his baby girl didn't flash too much flesh. But judging by the super-sexy outcome, we don't know how pleased daddy will be.

Miss Hogan has been busy promoting her upcoming summer spin-off reality show, "Brooke Knows Best," and it seems she's happy to talk about more than just that.

In this week's edition of Us Weekly magazine, the aspiring actress/singer opens up about the troubles going on inside the reality TV family. We're assuming she'll have quite a bit to say, considering her parents are amid a bitter divorce (and her mother is apparently dating a 19-year-old) while her 17-year-old brother, Nick, is in the pokey and her father has been slammed for recent comments suggesting the passenger in Nick's car crash deserved to be left in a vegetative state.

Usher: Let's Just Get Along

Fatherhood has made Usher a "better individual and a more caring and understanding individual," he told Pop Tarts backstage at Tuesday's Black Entertainment Television Awards after his blood-pumping opening act.

The newly married hip-hoppin' hottie also offered his secret to a happy Hollywood marriage.

"The less fights the better," he said.

Britney Hires and Fires, Leaves Court Session Smiling

Britney Spears made a surprise appearance at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday morning, looking pretty in a white top and white wedge shoes with tan cargo pants. While physically the pop princess is looking better and better, she returned with some old baggage.

Stacy Phillips has been given the boot, and Brit's hot lawyer Laura Wasser (who couldn't handle the heat and quit Spears' custody case last year) is back in business.

Spears sat patiently in the front row while Wasser and Kevin Federline's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan talked in a private room. Funny enough, a few other court subjects tried to sit beside Spears but were told sharply by security that the spare seat was off-limits.

Brit was sworn in by Commissioner Scott Gordon at 10:48 a.m. and once again forgot to announce her last name. (At her previous court appearance the same commish had to prompt her with "Britney who?") Session ended just before 11 a.m. and Spears left with a smile.

While lawyers for both parties declined to comment on the proceedings, Public Information Officer Allan Parachini told Pop Tarts there has been a change in visitation rights, although he was unable to discuss specific details.

He also said that parenting coach Lisa Hacker spoke in the hearing and the commish was pleased with the pop star's progress.

So it seems Miss Spears will be spending a little more time with her little ones and according to numerous reports, she will be able to have sleepovers with her sons.

Nick Cannon to Return to His Night Job; Where's Diddy?

He just became Mr. Mariah Carey, but we’re pleased to announce that Nick Cannon is still "normal" enough to go back to his regular-paying gig: spinning at clubs.

Cannon is booked to DJ the opening of fashion designer Christian Audigier’s new Sin City nightclub on July 4, a source told Pop Tarts.

After his marriage to the world’s biggest-selling songstress in April, some of Cannon’s closest pals told Tarts that they doubted he would return to the turntable scene (although we can’t help but wonder if his appearance fee has risen).

Mariah hasn’t confirmed her attendance, although an insider told us she’s expected to be there in support of her spouse.

Speaking of support, partygoers invited to attend the exclusive Hennessy/Microsoft Zune Pre-BET party on Sunday evening were left a little sad when Diddy didn’t show to support the performing prodigy he signed to his Badboy label, Janelle Monae. A special VIP table was prepped, the crowd was buzzing and police were standing by outside in anticipation for the hip-hop legend to arrive — but the moment never came.

Party peeps were consoled by the open bar, sounds of DJ M.O.S (flown in from New York) and the debut of the ultra-contemporary Zune LA, which looks to be the next hotspot in the ever-changing world of "it" places to hang in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Ciara (plus entourage) apparently booked appointments at the pre-BET Akademiks/Oasis Spa Lounge, but didn’t bother to show or cancel their slots.

And even though Rihanna told "Extra" last week that she isn't in love, it seems she was showing quite a bit of love toward Chris Brown over the weekend as they bonded over bottoms, literally. The music moguls apparently picked out shoes for one another at GBK’s New Balance booth and Brown went home with a sizeable 10.5.

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