Pop Tarts: Hilary Duff Makes Escape From Joel and Nicole; Brooke Hogan Desperate for Fame?

Hilary Duff quickly raced down the red carpet and disappeared inside at last week's Cartier's Loveday Celebration when she heard that her ex-boyfriend Joel Madden and his pin-thin girlfriend Nicole Richie were coming up the hill.

Duff made her escape along with her beau, Mike Comrie, and big sister, Haylie.

Duff and Madden dated for almost two and a half years, and the music man hooked up with Richie not long after their split in November 2006.

Joel and his twin, Benji Madden, who founded the rock band Good Charlotte, both attended the event as Cartier Love Bracelet ambassadors.

And although Benji's leading lady Paris Hilton wasn't present at the party (she was actually, ah, working on her new MTV show in New York), her name was still on everyone’s lips. The Cartier event was held at a plush private house in Bel Air, and Benji apparently left the party to take a shower in the stranger's home before boarding a flight to the Big Apple — all so he smelled his best for Paris.

Hilton spent the following day filming her show in the Hamptons and joined her loverboy later that evening to shoot more scenes at hotspot Tenjune. But it appears as though the party princess has turned proper — sipping only antioxidant water throughout the night.

Brooke Hogan Desperate for Fame?

One would think that with all the controversy surrounding the "Hogan Knows Best" family that Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke Hogan, would want to keep a low profile, but it seems like the aspiring actress/singer is desperate to dive into the spotlight.

An interesting message was posted on her official MySpace page last week, urging companies to hurry up and book Brooke for a public appearance or performance.

Click here to read the post.

"Call now to book a date," the post said. "Brooke's schedule fills up quickly and she doesn't wanna let anyone down!"

Jennifer Aniston Crosses the Pond for Mayer

Things seem to be getting serious! Jennifer Aniston was busted in London over the weekend visiting John Mayer.

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Mayer is preparing to kick off a string of live performances in England this week before heading back to the U.S. for a summer tour at the beginning of July.

Heidi and Spencer Shop for Guns?; Tara Conner Comes Out of Hiding

Heidi Montag and her former fiancé, Spencer Pratt, were reportedly spotted shopping for guns in Culver City, Calif., last week. Eek!

According to Perez Hilton, Spencer insisted on making the purchase to protect his beloved Heidi. But for the rest of America's safety, we advise all to stay well away from "The Hills."
A rep for Montag did not respond for comment.

And just when we were ready to forget that Trump's "Messy USA" Tara Conner even existed, Pop Tarts spotted her skipping (seriously) into West Hollywood's kosher, vegan restaurant Real Food Daily with another pretty blonde for lunch last Friday.

If you thought Conner was hot when she won the coveted title back in 2006, you should see the reformed rehabber now — simply smashing (but without the booze!)

Fergie Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Fergie has learned to come to terms with the downside of fame, and now uses those nasty gossip blogs that have been calling her either fat or pregnant as motivation to tone up.

"It used to upset me a lot, but now I see it as a necessary evil and turn it into a positive," the songstress said at the Cartier event. "If they're saying I'm pregnant, then that means I need to get back on that treadmill. But I'm a normal girl, I go up and down."

Even though she has had such enormous success in the entertainment industry, Fergie still seems somewhat detached from the whole world of glitz and glamour. The Black Eyed Pea told Pop Tarts how she creates diet plans but doesn't really have the dedication to stick to them, and laughed about how much she loves her sweats.

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