Mischa Barton didn't seem so smart when she was arrested recently for suspicion of DUI.

However, the star of the upcoming (and very buzzed about) "Assassination of a High School President" insists that despite her character's mischievous ways, she was actually "academic" in her school days.

"I went to public school in New York until I was about 15, so I had a definite school experience, the whole nine yards," the now super-blond starlet told Pop Tarts, curled up on the couch in her Uggs at Sundance.

"But I loved school, though. I was actually really academic, so I liked it ... it was a lot of fun."

And even though Mischa spent several seasons on the small screen as Marissa on "The O.C.," the actress definitely seems to prefer doing films.

"I started doing film when I was 1, and I love it — it is the best experience for me," she said. "Each film that you do — it is like a little group that you make friends with and you have that for life. When you go on a television series, it is a different thing. Of course you have it for life, but it's a long-running show and it's not the same kind of temporary kinetic energy that you get from a movie."

Speaking of temporary experiences, the 22-year-old seems to have accepted the fact that temporary party experiences are probably best when it comes to reforming a reputation.

Pop Tarts spotted Barton lying low (and sipping water) last week at the post-premiere bash for her Sundance film before making an early exit before midnight (with a driver waiting).

Britney Poses at Hustler

Pop princess Britney Spears hasn't managed to make her way into the centerfold of Hustler just yet, but it seems for the time being that she is happy to be snapped sauntering into the "Hustler Hollywood" sex shop.

While the media's attention was fixed on the Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday night, Spears and her "manager" Sam Lutfi took the opportunity to swing by the store to pick up some toys — and we're crossing our fingers this isn't for child's play.

But is our Brit finally starting to accept that something upstairs just isn't quite right? The "Crazy" crooner carried on her usual conversations with her "pals" the paparazzi on Friday evening outside Rite Aid, telling the snappers that "she is already sick … but in a good way."

However, it was just the day before that the photogs nailed Spears speeding down the street on the wrong side of the road. Add that to her not-so-sanitized driving record and we are really wondering how she still has a license.

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Emily Blunt Rejects Paris Hilton

Emily Blunt is no doubt an "It" girl in terms of Hollywood hotties, but the star of the upcoming "Sunshine Cleaning" (alongside fellow up-and-comer Amy Adams) says such a term wrongfully puts her in a category with party princess Paris Hilton.

"People keep saying that I am an 'It' girl, but I'm not comfortable with it — that's what Paris Hilton is, not me," Blunt told Pop Tarts while promoting her new film at Sundance. "I don't think you should get used to that sort of attention — that would be odd if you got used to people just waiting outside your apartment."

But even though her award-winning role in "The Devil Wears Prada" placed her on every moviemaker's map, the British-born bella refuses to relocate to Tinseltown.

"I do feel the pressure, although I don't try to get swept up in it. I don't go to the scenes and I don't go to Hollywood parties," she said. "I live in Vancouver, which is where I am happy — I don't mix with 'that' world. I just enjoy working in it."

However, the self-confessed fast food junkie who so happens to be from a "skinny family" assured Pop Tarts that regardless of her flawless public image, she really isn't a good girl behind closed doors.

"There's a lot people don't know about me," Blunt said with a sly smile. "I wouldn't say I am well-behaved..."

Nick Cannon Backs Barack

Multi-talented music mogul Nick Cannon is no doubt proud and patriotic, but it turns out he's also pretty political, too.

"I'm not even going to say who I'm leaning toward politically," Cannon told Pop Tarts at the after-party for the Sundance premiere of his latest flick "American Son." "I'm saying I'm on his shoulder holding it down, Obama all day y'all know what it is. Me and Oprah."

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But above all, Nick believes that this indie pic about war and love will change the way young Americans vote in the 2008 presidential election.

"It is just allowing people to be aware that these young men and women that are going over to Iraq are humans. They have families, they have lives, and we see the big picture and we're worried about what's gonna happen to our economy and what's this and that," he said.

"But no, these are people that are losing family members and leaving family members and dealing with the inner struggles that go on within a family."

On a lighter note, Cannon made an early exit from his own soiree to saunter to a slightly more cozy location.

"I'm going to bed for a bit," he said. "I came to Sundance last year and went totally crazy going to every party and just going wild and missing all my meetings and appointments. This time I'm actually doing work."

But true to his word, Nick returned to "work" in the wee hours at the 5WPR/Butter house, turning the tables to churn out tunes for the revelers who all came out to see him spin.

The music man made sensational sounds, and even though former fiancée Selita Ebanks wasn't present for the party, supermodel Lily Donaldson was the first to arrive and the last to leave.

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