Pop Tarts: Don't Photograph Lindsay Lohan From the Rear

Lindsay Lohan was more than happy to show off her front for New York magazine, but she was far from thrilled to be photographed from the back this weekend.

Lohan managed to get the memo about designer Wayne Joffe showing off his new Wayne Hadly collection at his swanky Scout store in West Hollywood on Saturday night. But despite the fact it was menswear only, Li-Lo popped by before the party to score some freebies from her fashion-world friend.

After having Wayne himself deck her out in his very-best outlandish fabrics with classic cuts, a smiling Linds left — only to return looking fabulous (but fuming) a few hours later. Lohan stormed into the back room, where Pop Tarts overheard her arguing over the presence of professional photographers before making a bee-line for the door and arguing briefly with the media.

“Lindsay told us we were being disrespectful by photographing her from the back as she was on her way out,” one snapper told Pop Tarts. “But we waited and waited for her to come over to pose properly. She even stood by the bar for a while, that’s where the money shot was, and we didn’t do it.”

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According to upset insiders, Lohan came knowing there would be cameras.

“Lindsay obviously wanted the attention because she got all dressed and promised to be back,” our source said. “I have no idea why she put on such a performance.”

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However, host Pete Wentz didn’t let any diva-esque happenings dampen his high spirits. Although his gal Ashlee Simpson couldn’t make the affair, the Fall Out Boy front man was happy to talk about his style and … wearing women’s clothes.

“I don’t know if I would really consider myself fashionable, but I think that fashion is kind of an awesome way to project who you are inside, and I really, really like going to fashion shows, and I really like women’s fashion,” Wentz told Tarts. “I wish men’s had more risk-taking going on.”

Does that mean he wears things from Ashlee’s big sister’s line?

“I love Jessica [Simpson’s] stuff, especially shoes,” he added. “I dance around my house in them all the time. Ha."

Lindsay Peeved at Paris

Li-Lo wasn’t a happy gal on Friday night either — and it’s all because of her former friend Paris Hilton. According to event insiders, Lohan was in a “bad mood” and refused to pose for pics even though she was the “host” of a swanky soiree at the Scandinavian Style Mansion in Beverly Hills.

“Lindsay refused to do the red carpet because of the Paris Hilton signage as Paris was launching her new handbag collection at the event,” our source said. “So we were forced to dismantle the whole set-up.”

We also noticed that Lohan left the swanky soiree just before Hilton and her personal posse (aka new beau Benji Madden, Nicky Hilton and her man Dave Katzenberg) arrived. The “Hottie and the Nottie” starlet also apparently picked up an assortment of goodies, including over $30,000 in furs from Berglund of Copenhagen.

Event insiders told Tarts that Paris "most definitely" went home with this furry indulgence, but a rep for the hotel hottie said she "didn't accept" the offer as she "doesn't wear real fur."

Victoria Beckham’s Dress Attends a 'Project Runway' Party

Victoria Beckham had a “prior engagement she couldn’t get out of," however, her presence was still strong last week's birthday bash for the season four winner of “Project Runway," Christian Siriano.

Siriano displayed the (apparently size zero) dress he dedicated and created just for “Posh," giving everyone the chance to gush over Becks even though she was nowhere to be found.

"Victoria doesn't even have to be here and yet still manages to be the center of attention," a partygoer told Tarts.

The small soiree was hosted by the hit show’s executive producer Jane Cha at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, but it seems the stylish party peeps weren't the only ones saddened by the fact that host Heidi Klum couldn’t make it either.

“Heidi really wanted to be there, but there was a last-minute scheduling conflict which was upsetting for her too," explained an insider. “But she sent lots and lots of love.”

(We're even told Siriano intends to design Klum's 2009 Oscars dress, however, the lingerie lass hasn't given the green light yet.)

But despite all the “big things” that have happened to Siriano since winning the reality show, what is he the most happy about?

“I have a bed to sleep on now,” he laughed.

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