Pop Tarts: Did Scary Make Moves on Her Fellow Spice Girls?

Pop Tarts had the pleasure of hanging out backstage with the Spice Girls before their sensational reunion show in Los Angeles Wednesday night … and we discovered a little more than we thought we would.

“All of us together again, it is like a marriage,” Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell told us. “You just learn to understand each other, celebrate the differences.”

And even though Mel "Sporty Spice" C swore that their love for each is other is strictly “sisterly," what really goes on behind closed doors?

“We don't fight and we don't share clothes,” Melanie "Scary" Brown said. “And we don’t sleep together.”

“She has tried it on us though,” Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham told Pop Tarts while pointing at Scary with arms entwined around Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton. “I’ve had to say 'no' so many times.”

“I mean, could you imagine waking up to this (points to Scary's body) every day of your life?” Geri laughed. “I just can’t stop staring at your boobs…”

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And even though these booming (and busty) bellas have been earning the big bucks for over a decade and have all the fame and fortune one could possibility really, really want, it seems they don't let it go to their heads.

“I think as you get older you take fame for what it is. You don't take it too seriously, put it into perspective,” said Ginger. “The paparazzi are what they are. I think that in odd ways we get so many gifts, we had an amazing opportunity to perform for our fans, celebrate our music, so things like being followed don't matter.”

And although the gals proved to us that they can still “Spice Up Our Lives” even better all these years later, their comeback (unfortunately) won’t last forever.

“The timing feels right for us to do this again, but some people made decisions quicker than others and for me personally it took a little bit of time to really figure out if I was ready," Sporty said.

"I feel like the world is ready for it. I've experienced lots of love for the Spice Girls recently. But this reunion is only short-term — obviously, four of the girls here are moms and family is priority right now and we all have other careers. But this is a really great opportunity for us to be together and spend some time together, but there are other things that we all have to think about, too.”

Out in the audience, among the screamers “slammin’ to the left” we spotted Teri Hatcher and her kiddies, David Beckham and TomKat. Even little Suri even stayed up way past her bedtime to boogie with the Beckham boys.

Britney Banned From Saloon and Salon

No matter how much fame and fortune she has, it still seems like Britney Spears is still susceptible to severe rejection.

According to Life & Style magazine, Britney was given the boot from Hollywood hotspot Winston’s as the bartender got bored of her badgering demands to trade clothes while the manager was sick of her full-on flirting.

But that’s not the only spot Spears has been shunned from in recent times. Pop Tarts has been told that the “Crazy” crooner was recently black-booked from her longtime hair salon in Bel Air.

“It was unfortunate, because management really like Britney,” our insider said. “But things got too out of hand with all the paparazzi every time she came in and it became very frustrating for other clients.”

Taylor Swift Gets 'Friendly' With the Foo Fighters … and Fergie

Pop Tarts was present bright and early Thursday morning to hear who was in line for a Grammy award, and it turns out that almost 18-year-old country crooner Taylor Swift deals with shock by giving a little love.

After the boys from the Foo Fighters announced that the bella blonde was nominated in the Best New Artist category, she immediately said “Oh shut up” and responded by reaching out to the rockers for a particularly lengthy hug…

But Swift was also “swift” about cleaning up as many cuddles as she could by then embracing Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson, George Lopez and Akon, who were all also nominated.

"I did not ever think in my wildest dreams that I would actually ever be nominated for a Grammy, and that's why I freaked out up there," she said.

New Best Buddies: Beyonce's Sis & Shar?

Just because they’re music mamas doesn’t mean that Solange Knowles and Shar Jackson don’t know how to party like pros.

Pop Tarts spotted the new pal pair partying their Tuesday night away at the Christopher Brian Apparel launch at Kitson Men in West Hollywood.

And with their babies at home in bed, these two proved that they can bust out their booties almost better than Beyonce

Pop Tarts has been told that Knowles and Jackson have been conversing about collaboration, but we’re not sure whether they mean making music or sharing mothering tips.

But one thing is for sure — Solange is set to pursue her big sister’s “Destiny” and is in the recording studio working on her own solo album, having just signed with Geffen/Universal. She’s even made the move to Hollywood, where she resides at the lush Lofts complex on Hollywood & Vine.

Jack Black and Nicole Kidman: Not a Love Match

Even though Jack Black stars alongside the ever-talented Nicole Kidman in "Margot at the Wedding," he definitely doesn't think he'd be a good spouse for the Oscar-winner.

“Gosh, I don’t think I could be Nicole Kidman’s husband — I don’t think I could live up to her standards,” said the “School of Rock” rocker. “Doesn’t she go out with that rock star dude?”

Ummm, news flash: Nic’s actually married to country music star Keith Urban. But Black is excused this time, as it seems he is busy doing better things behind closed doors…

“Married life is going great, being a father is great and we definitely want more kids. Eight of them,” he insisted.

But speaking of his movie mate from Australia, Kidman told Pop Tarts that she wouldn't mind being a kitten.

“Because you get to drink milk, and be taken care of, and curl up and sleep a lot. I would definitely be a kitten, you get to be so cute and cuddly," she said.

And after a flurry of film flops of late, the former Mrs. Cruise has become very conscious of her coins.

“There definitely is pressure to do well at the box office,” she admitted. “I really hope this film is successful, because I want to make the second and third, but it all depends how this one goes first.”

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And just weeks after Nic was forced to testify in her home country against a prying paparazzo, the actress is set to kick up another stink over her scent.

"[Britain’s Daily Telegraph] ran an article which suggested that Nicole’s favorite scent was Jo Malone and that she was seen spraying it all over before doing a carpet,” said our insider.

“However, she has a $12.5 million deal with Chanel No. 5, so inaccurate reports are very damaging to contracts."

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