Being pregnant at 16 is stressful enough without having to contend with intense media saturation and a big sister heading in and out of the hospital.

So no doubt life isn't exactly luxurious for Jamie Lynn Spears, and insiders fear for her health and that of her unborn babe.

"Jamie is very mature for her age and is handling everything as well as can be expected," a source told Pop Tarts. "But with Britney's latest incident, I worry this could harm her health. It seems like an extra stress she doesn't need."

So could Brit's bizarre behavior pose problems for her little sister's pregnancy?

"Excess stress can potentially cause a number of serous complications such as pre-term labor and miscarriage," Cedars-Sinai ob/gyn Deirdre Conway told Pop Tarts. "It is really important right now for Jamie Lynn to minimize the media attention and stay as far away from the public eye as she can."

Well, we aren't too sure how easy that will be for the Nickelodeon star … but on the other hand, could Brit's "Crazy" ways work in Jamie Lynn's favor?

"I wouldn't be surprised if some of this is a little pre-calculated and Britney is trying to take some of the heat away from her sister," another source said. "It might actually help her have some down time."

Perhaps she could use some of that down time to hit the books. The younger Spears was recently pap-snapped carrying a GED book, which is used to study for a high school equivalency test.

Meanwhile, TMZ reported that Britney sent out word that she was heading to the Big Apple in a private jet with pap pal Adnan Ghalib ... but video has surfaced showing Brit driving around Mexico with Adnan.

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In the Danger Zone: Tom Cruise Is a Hero

Tom Cruise is a man of many things, but we didn't know snowy savior was one of them — until now.

Pop Tarts has confirmed the In Touch Weekly report that the "Top Gun" actor, his wife, Katie Holmes and his three children were hopping in his Hummer near one of his many homes in the snowy state of Colorado on Dec. 30 when they spotted a woman stranded after she ran her car off the road.

An eyewitness told the publication that the high-profile family pulled up and Tom and his bodyguard helped push the woman's car out of the snow … even beating the police and tow-truck to the job. That's our Tom!

And proving his dedication to the people, the high-powered Hollywood man hopped out on Wednesday night to support Holmes at the premiere of her latest film "Mad Money."

However, Cruise let his leading lady take the limelight and instead of talking to the press, he hung around the red carpet posing for photos and signing autographs for hundreds of fans.

"I told Tom he wasn't allowed to talk tonight," an insider told Pop Tarts with a laugh. "This is Katie's night — he can stay in the lobby where a man should be."

Holmes, meanwhile, told FOX how great it was to have Tom and baby Suri with her while she was filming the movie.

"I felt so lucky — I mean, not a lot of people get to have that experience and I always felt very appreciative of working in the movies and working on television, and then I had Suri and I married Tom and to have them there, it was like 'Oh this is a billion times better what was I doing before.' So you know, it was wonderful.”

Co-star Ted Danson also told FOX that Tom and Katie were "incredibly generous, sweet and thoughtful of everyone around them."

"It was a real pleasure to be with them. They were generous to me, they were generous to the crew and I am a huge fan of both of them."

Holmes also only had kind wishes for Nicole Kidman, according to People magazine.

"I'm so happy for her," Holmes said of Kidman's pregnancy news. "It's wonderful."

Amanda Bynes Has 'Drinking' Issues

While so many young hotties in Hollywood have problems with too much drinking, it turns out that Amanda Bynes has plans to drink more. Well, water, thank goodness.

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"This year I really just want to be happy and healthy," the starlet told Pop Tarts on the carpet of Monday's Critics' Choice Awards. "And I plan to drink lots more water. I don't drink enough."

And judging by her fab figure and fresh face, it is hard to believe Bynes has a bad diet, too.

"I'm also trying to eat healthier this year too," she added. "I eat an incredible amount of junk food. Not good."

'No More Dancing' for Jennie Garth

Former "90210" and "Dancing With the Stars" sensation Jennie Garth may have hopped out at Hollywood hotspot Boulevard 3 on Tuesday night to hear Macy Gray turn the tables at Slimfast's "Style Your Slim" fashion show, but she certainly wasn't making any moves of her own.

"Haven't done any dancing at all — haven't touched it," Garth told Pop Tarts with a laugh. "Still recovering."

Sexy stars Jaime Pressly, Kim Kardashian and Stacy Keibler also stepped out for the stimulating showcase, which saw a bunch of ladies (some of whom had lost more than 200 pounds on the program) take the catwalk in Chloe designs for the first time in their lives.

However, the show's host (and former wife of Rod Stewart), Rachel Hunter, had something a little less inspiring to say to the super-chatty audience.

"OK, shut up," she said over the microphone.

Fake FOX: No Spears Sex Tape

Despite rumors that FOXNews.com has found a Britney Spears sex tape, Pop Tarts would like to officially state that we have found no such thing.

Should you spot a Pop Tarts article that indicates this, it is a Photoshop fake.

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