Whoever thought the day would come when Christina Aguilera would turn to Nicole Richie for some tips on how to be an even better mama. Although the "Dirrty" dame admitted she never really knew much about Richie in the past, she has recently become quite friendly with the former "Simple Life" starlet.

"I didn’t know much about Nicole, but because our little ones are born one day apart and through mutual friends I’ve had the opportunity of getting to know her and I was blown away with how great of a mom she is," Aguilera told Tarts at her Post-AMAs party on Sunday night at the brand new Target Terrace at L.A Live. "I actually ask her for advice because she has a lot of great things that she does for her little one. She’s even a little more stricter with battery operated toys and what not, she’s a great woman."

Aguilera was also quick to defend Richie who was once known as one of Tinseltown’s young troublemakers.

"She doesn’t go out so much, maybe she goes to dinners. I really appreciate people that exude a lot of talent and hard work in what they do and having a child has made her grow so much as it has made me grow," Aguilera added. "It just is inevitable that you’re going to grow when you have a little one, so anyone who’s giving anybody grief for going out and partying, they’re just trying to be negative and stir up drama and I have nothing but good things to say about Nicole. I have to say that."

Speaking of good things to say, Aguilera has certainly proven to be one very accomplished young woman despite a challenging childhood with an abusive father. But when she’s not playing pop princess or mom, the music mogul is dedicated to helping others who’ve been through similar experiences.

"From my own passion and what I feel most strongly about is always domestic violence. Being that I come from that background, I always try to voice my own opinion and give my all to speaking out about a subject that is so hush-hush," Aguilera told Tarts, adding that it is her 11- month-old son Max that has given her harmony and a fresh perspective on life.

Vanessa Minnillo Waiting on Nick Lachey’s Proposal?

It looks as though genetically-blessed duo Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are going stronger than ever, but is Miss Minnillo ready to take the next step? The Tinseltown twosome snuck into Christina Aguilera’s Target Terrace AMAs party at and stood by each other’s side throughout the evening. According to an inside source, Ness did some hinting while hitting the dancefloor during Beyonce’s "Single Ladies."

"Vanessa was dancing and joking about putting a ring on her finger," said the eyewitness. "She was pointing to her ring finger! The two were very happy and sipping champagne together." Awww.

Other guests included rekindled romancers Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman as well as Xtina herself, Sarah McLachlan, David Archuleta, Tyrese Gibson and JC Chasez.

Speaking of the former N’Sync sensation, Chasez told Tarts that he still has former bandmates Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass as well as "Mouseketeer" co-star Britney Spears on the speed dial.

"I talk to everybody, I’m friends with everybody, I’m not a stressful guy," he insisted.

Joel Madden's Biggest Regret

The Good Charlotte boys have no doubt been through many ups and downs both personally and professionally as they launch their ten-year retrospective album, but it turns out that their biggest regret happened before the band even hit the big-time.

"I wish someone had stopped us from naming ourselves Good Charlotte," Joel told Tarts at their Venom Energy drink "Greatest Remixes" bash on Saturday. "It's really not the greatest name, we named it after a children's book."

Just before Joel hit up his band's album release party, the Madden twin took time-out with fiancée Nicole Richie for the annual UNICEF Snowflake Lighting in Beverly Hills. Having just returned from an 8-day tour of Central African Republic as ambassador for the leading international children's foundation, Madden got choked up talking about his experiences.

"It was intense and the region we went too was in conflict. I've always been involved in charity work and now (being a father) I want to help children more than ever," the rocker told Tarts. "Every single person in our country is better off. Think of the worst situation in our country, being homeless, but we can still find clean water and shelter that's not in a jungle somewhere and you're not getting malaria just by going to sleep at night."

Looking her itty bitty but stunning self, Richie agreed about just how good Americans have it.

"It's so important to be here tonight because it's the holidays and it is the best time to think about how blessed we are to be in this country," she added.

Grimes Acts Likes She Hasn't Eaten in a Week

It looks as though Beverly Hills 90210 starlet Shenae Grimes was certainly out to combat rumors that she doesn't eat while partying up with a friend at last week's Jordan Melo M5 launch. The itty bitty babe was clearly ravenous as she scoffed down everything in sight from sliders to fries to cupcakes well into the wee hours.

When she wasn't making a point of eating, Grimes was on the dance floor alongside actress Menu Suvari taking Polaroid pics of DJ AM.

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