Pop Tarts: Charlie Sheen Sorry for N-Word; Why No Man Will Date Denise Richards

The tension between ex-spouses Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards reached another boiling point this week when a three-year-old voicemail of the "Two and a Half Men" star using the N-word against Richards emerged.

"I deeply apologize by my choice of words to all I have obviously offended; especially to Tony Todd, an African-American, who was my best man at my first two weddings," Sheen said in a statement on Wednesday.

"And for the record, my children did not show up today for a custodial visit without explanation. So three and one-half years later, the reasons that caused the anger and frustration displayed on that voicemail continue to be manifested on a daily basis."

Click here to read a transcript of the voicemails (WARNING: Contains profanity).

Ever since their split in 2005, Sheen and Richards have been squabbling over the custody rights regarding their two children, Lola and Sam. The case became particularly sour earlier this year when Sheen unsuccessfully turned to the courts in an attempt to stop their children from appearing on Denise's new reality show, which he called an act of "exploitation."

Richards defends her decision to feature their kids on the E! program, called "Denise Richards: It's Complicated."

"I want people to see the show and all that stuff about me exploiting my children will be put to rest," she told Pop Tarts. "The reality is that I'm a single mom to two very young girls and I think that I would be manipulating the show if I didn't have them in it at all. If at any point my daughters said, 'I don't like these people around' or 'Why are they filming us?' it would be done."

Sheen recently re-married, but Richards remains loverless — and for a good reason. How many men out there are ready to run right into a relationship without as much as a date?

"I would much rather skip the whole dating process and be in a relationship. That's probably why I’m still single," the 37-year-old starlet said, adding that she’s very uncomfortable and suffers from extreme nervousness at the mere thought of dating.

But while the "Drop Dead Gorgeous" glamour girl professes to be perfectly "happy being single," she wouldn’t mind a special somebody who is just a "good guy and a good dad."

Speaking of good guys, Richards also refuted her reputation that she has a thing only for bad boys.

"Everyone makes a point of saying that I like bad boys, and in my defense, Charlie was a reformed bad boy and Richie [Sambora] is not a bad boy," she said. "He's actually an amazing guy and a great dad."

Richards briefly dated the Bon Jovi guitarist after splitting from Sheen.

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong Love Stuck

Forget being love struck, it seems new couple Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are totally and utterly love stuck.

After spending Father's Day weekend schmoozing and moving through New York City, the actress and athlete were spotted together at the trendy STK restaurant on Tuesday evening.

We're told Hudson and Armstrong didn't let each other's hand go all night, even as they chatted to guests and noshed on hors d'oeuvres as they celebrated the launch of health and fitness social networking site, Livestrong.com.

Gisele Bundchen No Britney Spears

Gisele Bundchen clearly is in love with her quarterback beau, Tom Brady. But the folks at GQ magazine couldn't help but ask the supermodel if she really did cut her hair Britney Spears-style back in 2005 after splitting with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bundchen dismissed the reports as "ridiculous" — just like the rumor that she boosted her bank balance by $35 million last year.

"Look, this is my job. I take pictures. There is no big deal. I would like to know who this reporter is finding out all of these amounts," she said. "I would like him to talk to my accountant and figure out where is the cash that's missing. Because I haven't seen it."

Porn Star Tera Patrick Turns to Clothes

We wouldn’t normally put clothes and porn in the same sentence, but when you’re talking about X-rated mogul Tera Patrick, it seems to work well.

The world’s No. 1 porn star hosted a big bash in Hollywood on Wednesday night to launch her T-shirt line with PJE Los Angeles. We’re told the casual yet sophisticated collection soon will be selling at numerous high-end boutiques, but it turns out Kitson won't be one of them.

Despite rumors that the porn princess' shirts will replace the space left from Victoria Beckham's dwindling denim line dVb, the store confirmed that this will not be the case as it "passed" on Patrick's line this time.

Meanwhile, at House of Blues in West Hollywood on Tuesday night, we couldn’t understand why there were dozens of busty beauties literally wearing next to nothing (fishnets and thongs don’t count) hanging around the Sunset Strip hotspot and posing for the paps in a very seductive manner.

It turned out that a lingerie-clad Patrick and her rocker husband, Evan Seinfeld, were launching their weekly Playboy channel SIRIUS radio show "Rockstar Pornstar."

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