Pop Tarts: Carrie Underwood's Love Blues

Carrie Underwood is singing in a fairy-tale world. Literally.

"Oh, I do so many things to make me feel like a princess — everyone needs a little spoiling. I like to eat ice cream, take bubble baths and just a little pampering,” Underwood told FOX at Saturday's premiere of the new Disney film "Enchanted," for which she sings the closing song.

"But this film is just so magical, and everybody’s happy at the point where my song comes in the movie, and I was glad to be a part of it," she said.

And even though the country crooner has been connected to a couple of different dudes this year (such as Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo and more recently "Gossip Girl" guy Chase Crawford), it appears as though these boys haven't been giving our "Idol" all she deserves.

"I honestly haven’t been in that many romantic relationships, but I always pick big "guy-guys" and our romantic evening is watching football,” said the “Some Hearts" heartbreaker.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love watching football as much as the next person but … let’s just say I’m still on the lookout for my Mr. Romantic."

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But don't think that just because no guy has really "Taken Her Wheel" that she's driving to a destination of loneliness.

“Romance is not dead, and if it is it shouldn’t be, and I think movies like this kind of help us fantasize a little bit about that and maybe make us go out and make a little magic of our own," Underwood added.

Hmm ... Pop Tarts suggests that Nicole Kidman keep hubby, Keith Urban, under the thumb, because he's about to hit the road with the Tennessee tenant.

"We're doing 24 shows together next year. I'm so excited," she gushed at Sunday's American Music Awards. "I'll just be taking it one step at a time. I know there has been talk about jealousy and what not because it’s a tough industry, but I like working with everyone."

Speaking of fairy tales, Carrie says she still can't believe her good luck since "Idol."

"I've been blessed with this opportunity and I'm still pinching myself that it's been two years since all this happened," she said.

"I've been involved with the new season of 'American Idol' and I talk to those guys all the time. And I'll do anything they need, whatever they ask me to do I will do. I can't thank the team enough."

Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Her Ticket Troubles; Fergie Has a 'Breakdown'

Miley Cyrus may be a Disney dame with lots of little fans, but that hasn’t stopped “Hannah Montana” from being sued by members of her fan club who were promised tickets to her concert and didn't get to go.

“I wish they could all get to come and I hope they get to come and see the movie that I’m putting out. It’s a 3-D movie so I hope they get to see that,” she told FOX on the red carpet of Sunday’s American Music Awards. “I think the solution next time is for me to go all around the world and do lots more shows so everyone can see a concert — it upsets me when people miss out.”

And it sounds as though these fans have every reason to be raging, considering all the gifts and goodies they have given the teen starlet.

“I’ve had lots of crazy and cute things given to me,” Miley said. “My fans are totally adorable — they’ll get my favorite flowers and they’ll put them on the stage or my favorite candy. I think that’s what’s really cool.”

Speaking of cool, Fergie has finally found her feet … and, yeah, it’s “kinda cool” to win “Favorite Female Artist" in the pop/rock category.

“I was having a nervous breakdown — I was completely in shock because I was in this business for a long time. I’ve been in it since I was 7 years old and I was a little girl with big dreams and tonight one of those big dreams came true, and so the moment it actually happens to you [you] can’t quite plan how you’re going to feel, but it feels kinda cool,” Fergie said as the tears swelled.

“You can’t plan if you’re going to cry or if you’re going to be nervous, if you’re going to blank out you just don’t know and everything started happening for me in slow motion. I’m hugging people and it’s in slow motion and I’m walking to the stage and it’s in slow motion and, of course, I forgot to thank a thousand people.”

And for the first time ever, Fergie is indulging her girly side.

“I’m definitely much more girly when I am focusing on my solo career. I have to be — I’m singing about very personal things that are obviously very female,” the “Duchess” told Pop Tarts. “And then when I get back with my Black Eyed Peas boys, we start acting up and I’m like a guy again.”

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Shar Jackson Disses Britney (Again)

They both have kiddies with Kevin Federline, but it seems Shar Jackson has one last little bone to pick with Britney Spears, and it has to do with her somewhat sedated performance at the VMAs.

Pop Tarts caught up with the recent winner of MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar" at last week's launch of EA's "Need for Speed" in Hollywood, and Jackson was more than happy to hip-hop all over the "Crazy" crooner.

"They should have had me open up the VMAs," Shar rapped while giving us a special rendition of "Let It Blow."

So was Shar being snide?

"No. Just be honest — it’s from the heart," she responded.

Speaking of Spears, it seems that no court order or lawsuit will prevent this popper from being a big risk on the roads of Los Angeles.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Brit caused lots of beeps over the weekend when she was committed to making a left-hand turn before a sudden change of heart when she decided to make a sharp right and cut off lots of other enraged roadies…

After all, it's Britney, b——, and we should know by now that this ding-a-ling diva does exactly as she desires…

And if you don't like it, ban it — which is exactly what one of the world's leading Internet libraries findingdulcinea.com has done. The Web site, which highlights sites of all different topics, has just enforced a total blackout on the troubled Tinseltown threesome: Britney, Paris and Lindsay.

"Today's media debases our culture by highlighting the shameless, unoriginal exploits of morally bankrupt, empty and broken people," said Sushene Leitch, vice president for findingDulcinea.

"By contrast, we explore individuals who inspire us and enrich our lives but whose triumphs and achievements become obscured in the cacophony of sleaze that most media Web sites trumpet."

Celebs Give 'Camera Cuddles' to Kayne

Kayne West is grieving after the sudden death of his mother last week, but Hollywood is reaching out to the hip-hopper with hugs via the Pop Tarts camera.

“I’m friends with Kanye but I haven't seen him yet since it all happened," Will.I.am of the Black Eyed Peas told us at last week's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

"I think it’s important that we let Kanye be with his family and, you know, it’s bad enough he has to go through what he’s going through, but then to turn on the TV and see all the stuff, I don’t think that’s fair, but Kanye’s a good dude.”

And even our comeback British beauties wanted to "Spice Up His Life" with love.

"He's in our prayers — it is very difficult to lose a parent, so God bless him — we’re thinking of him," Spice Girl Geri "Ginger" Halliwell said.

Victoria's Secret supermodel Izabel Goulart also had kind words to share.

"Oh, Kanye, I give you all my heart. We all love you and want to give you lots of love," she said.

"I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a parent. It breaks my heart," added Regina King at last week's premiere of "This Christmas."

"I have my mom with me tonight and she's everything to me. I was so devastated when I heard Kanye’s news, and I want him to know we're all behind him. Kayne, be strong, you can get through it."

We also asked his rhythm and blues buddy Chris Brown for a sweet sentence of support, but he kept his mouth closed ... apparently he had blisters on his throat and couldn’t talk for five days.

Spicy 'Secret': Ginger 'Scary' Skinny and What Made Posh Smile?

The Spice Girls may have kicked off their comeback tour by testing their tunes at the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week, but instead of stripping down to a bare bod, it seems Geri "Ginger" Spice has stripped down to her bare bones even beyond Victoria Beckham.

And while the likes of "Very Sexy" supermodels such as Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima caused jaws to drop with their fab figures, it was Ms. Halliwell's fragile frame that caused a stir on the plush "Pink" carpet.

"Geri has been working out and working hard in prep for this big comeback," a source close to the "Stop" songstress told Pop Tarts. "She has really embraced the spiritual aspects of life and her positive energy has been the reason she has lost the pounds."

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But even though she's model-like little, it turns out that Geri and the girls definitely aren't women who "Wannabe" lingerie ladies.

"We are wearing clothes tonight — the clothes are definitely staying on," Halliwell and Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton said. "Everything the Spice Girls do is PG."

And even though they were prepping to perform alongside the most "Angelic" gals in the globe, Sporty insisted to us that their cure for feeling "fat or ugly" was simply to "give each other confidence."

Meanwhile, Pop Tarts did our best to get more than just a "Posh" pout from Mrs. Beckham. Lo and behold, our pop princess gave us a (kind of) grin, and it was all to do with her baby boy being present.

"My kids are here at the show," she said. "Well, one of mine stood on the side of the stage watching, so I'm making sure his mother is well-covered, at least."

But somehow we don't know that Posh would be quite so smiley if she knew that the only reason Gabrielle Union showed up at the fashion parade was to see Victoria's hubby, David Beckham.

"There was one very important reason I came out tonight: the fact that maybe David Beckham will be here, supporting his wife," Gabs told us.

Meanwhile, Seal swore that his hottie wife, Heidi Klum, is more than just a woman in wings and said he was "proud" that millions of men worldwide will have the chance to see her strut her stuff on TV next month.

"It makes me feel proud. I think the most amazing thing about Heidi is that she's everything — she's sexy, she's professional, she does things with integrity, she's a hard worker," Seal said.

And sweet she may be, Ms. Klum's "Secret" is to keep Seal in line.

"She really sets the standard in our house — she kicks my butt whenever I step out of line and it's hard to keep up with her" he said.

"But my wife manages to be such a great role model for everyone, for young people, and I think that's really what this is all about — being an entertainer. It's all about the standards that you set, the image that you put out, the message that you send to people who aspire to be like you, and I think there's no greater example, no greater ambassador for that than Heidi."

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