Political Players Playing the Iraq Intelligence Card

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We're going to play a guessing game...

Bear in mind that President Bush is today scrambling to remind people why the U.S. decided Saddam Hussein had to go, and why we had to go to war to make it happen.

So here's a question. Who made the following statement:

"I was astonished to hear the French, the Chinese and the Russians suggesting they would take him [Saddam] at his word. He cannot be taken at his word. If they haven't learned that by now, the U.S. has to continue to press, with Great Britain, and others, whoever will join us."

Did George Bush say this? No.

Did British Prime Minister Tony Blair (search) say this? No.

In fact, it was John Kerry (search) in November of 1999. The same Kerry who is now hammering the president for doing what he said should be done.

Here's another one. Who said this:

"Saddam Hussein has defied the clear requirements set forth by the U.N.. At the same time, he continues to pursue unabated development of weapons of mass destruction and concealment of these efforts."

Once again... Bush? Blair? No...

That was Dick Gephardt (search), who is also daily slamming the president for his decision to go to war.

And President Clinton said much the same thing back in 1998, that Saddam had these weapons and that one day, he would use them. It was one of his most serious worldwide warnings.

So what is this allegation that the administration lied about the reasons for war?

That's about politics. The liberals in this country are attacking Bush and the conservatives in Britain are attacking Blair. It's about who is in power and who is not, and then attacking the one in power.

It's not about Saddam or Iraq. It's about politics and elections, plain and simple.

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