Good Morning!

It's Wednesday already and we're gearing up for the big debate on FOX News tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Thursday morning we'll have Sen. John McCain on live to discuss the debate and his run for the White House. We'll also show you Fred Thompson's appearance on Jay Leno's show tonight and his forthcoming announcement that he'll become an official presidential candidate tomorrow as well.

Today on the show, the news was breaking regarding a thwarted terror plot in Germany against U.S. interests. We were also following the breaking news of the search efforts for adventurer Steve Fossett, who has been missing since taking off in a single engine plane in Nevada on Monday morning. We also chatted with Michael Reagan. He had a nifty idea about all the debates we've seen so far: How about treating them like "American Idol" and voting off a candidate each time? Kinda liked that one!

Have a wonderful Wednesday — and we'll see you again bright and early tomorrow morning.


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