Polish Scientists Figure Out Length of Perfect Legs

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When it comes to great gams, it's all in the proportion.

That's the conclusion reached by Polish researcher Boguslaw Pawlowski, whose studies of men and women's preferences led him to conclude that legs 5 percent longer than average are most attractive to both sexes.

"Long legs are signaling health," Pawlowski explained to New Scientist magazine, adding that shorter legs are associated with a higher risk of diabetes and other debilitating diseases.

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Pawlowski and his colleagues at the University of Wroclaw showed 218 male and female volunteers photos of seven men and seven women whose images had been altered to make them all appear the same height.

Those with legs 5 percent over the average came in first in the hotness rankings, while those with 10 percent over came in second. Average proportions came in third.

Surprisingly, legs 15 percent longer than normal were a turn-off.

Pawlowski's findings show that even short people can be mighty fine, as long as they're well-formed.

That may explain the eternal allure of long-stemmed Australian pop songstress Kylie Minogue, who despite being 5 feet tall and 40 years old keeps topping lists of "best celebrity legs" in polls of British Commonwealth subjects.

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