Police Think New Mexico Denny's Shooting Suspect in Mexico

Albuquerque police believe a man wanted for a robbery and shooting at a Denny's restaurant on Saturday has fled to Mexico.

Albuquerque police think 25-year-old Francisco Melgar of Albuquerque traveled to Arizona and then fled to Mexico.

Authorities said they are seeking the help of Mexican police to capture Melgar.

Police believe Melgar is one of at least three armed men who stormed the Denny's in northwest Albuquerque. The restaurant's cook was killed during the robbery.

Detectives tracking Melgar found Mario Burgos Rosales. He's suspected of helping Melgar evade arrest. Police say like Melgar, Rosales is an El Salvadoran and member of the street gang Mississippi-13.

Police have already captured 32-year-old Pablo Ortiz of El Salvador and identified him as an Mississippi-13 gang member.

Also in custody is 22-year-old Marvin Lopez Aguilar—another alleged El Salvadoran gang member.