Police: Texas Mom Used MySpace to Solicit Kidnappers for Son

Bexar County authorities have accused a 20-year-old mother of using the Internet to solicit anyone willing to abduct her son from her estranged boyfriend.

Authorities said Lisa Gonzales posted a message several weeks ago on the social networking site MySpace offering $500 for the abduction of her son.

Gonzales' ad was answered on Saturday by Rosita Ybanez, 27, and Reynaldo Galvan, 31, authorities said.

The duo arranged to meet with Gonzales at a restaurant, and on Saturday night, they snatched the 2-year-old boy from the home of his father, Vernardo "Ben" Morales, authorities said.

An arrest affidavit accused Galvan of walking into Morales' trailer home with a wooden stick and grabbing the boy from the living room floor. Minutes later, Galvan and Ybanez met Gonzales at a nearby convenience store and exchanged the boy for the money.

Investigators traced the child, who shares his father's name and is known as Junior, to Gonzales within a few hours, Bexar County sheriff's Sgt. Russell McWhorter said. Junior was uninjured except for a bruise on his thigh.

"We're all scared," Morales said Monday. He said he couldn't fathom how Gonzales could "put a price a her son's head."

Gonzales, Galvan and Ybanez were each charged with agreeing to abduct a child in exchange for compensation, a state felony. Also charged was Gonzales' aunt, Jeanette Noah, 35, whom police said drove Gonzales to the restaurant to meet the alleged kidnappers.

Gonzales, Noah and Ybanez were released after posting $10,000 bonds, McWhorter said. Galvan remained held Monday on a $12,000 bond because he had two outstanding warrants.

Gonzales has not applied for legal custody of Junior, according to the affidavit. A 1-year-old son shared by Morales and Gonzales lives with the mother, police said.

Morales said he plans to seek legal custody of both children.

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