An 18-year-old man wearing a "Snuggie" allegedly tried to break into a New Jersey grocery store, but was stopped when witnesses say they saw him climb through a window, the Daily Record reported.

Authorities found Brandon Ryzner-Meredith, 18, wearing a dark blue Snuggie — advertised as a blanket with arms — and a hooded sweatshirt.

Detective Lt. Michael Richards said Ryzner-Meredith was also found in possession of a socket driver, a tool they believe he used to try to pry open the door.

"It was a match with the description of witnesses of a large dark overcoat or trench coat," said Richards, of the Snuggie. "He had some intention to conceal himself."

Police say Ryzner-Meredith was charged with criminal mischief, attempted burglary and possession of burglar's tools.

He was released pending a court appearance.

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