Police: Son is Suspect in Death of Missing Woman Found in Freezer

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A body found in a freezer is that of a missing 52-year-old woman and investigators have identified her son as the primary suspect in her death, police said Wednesday.

Medical examiners identified the body as that of Laura Hauck, 52, said Detective Randy Pickett.

Her 18-year-old son Jeremy is missing and is the primary suspect in the case, Pickett said.

The frozen remains were found Monday when police went to check on the Haucks, who hadn't been seen since Friday.

Officers found a bloody mattress, shells from a .22-caliber rifle and the body stuffed head first into a chest-style freezer.

The cause of death had not been determined but the body did have a gunshot wound, Pickett said.

People close to the family described Jeremy as very quiet and a good student with no previous violent tendencies.

"There's just nothing here that could have indicated or raised any red flags at this point," Pickett said.