Police Seize Virginia Tech's Cell-Phone, E-Mail Records Looking for Relationship With Victim

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Virginia State police have obtained Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho's cell-phone records and e-mail communications between himself and one of his victims, FOX News has learned.

Two more search warrants executed Friday in Montgomery County, Va., show that police are trying to determine whether Cho had any relationship or communication with his first victim, Emily Jane Hilscher, a 19-year-old freshman from Woodville, Va.

Police seized not only Cho's cell-phone records, but also a CD containing text for e-mail messages for "EPIXIE," a CD containing e-mail activity for logs tracking "SC2," and a CD containing SC2 and EPIXIE file boxes, among other things.

Hilscher's Virginia Tech e-mail address was epixie@vt.edu. Cho's campus e-mail address was sc2@vt.edu.

The search warrants are part of the investigating into how Cho planned out the April 16 shootings that left 33 students and staff dead.

Investigators are trying to determine why Cho went to West Ambler Johnston residence hall around 7:15 a.m. that morning, shot two people, then waited two hours before trekking across campus to kill 30 more. Cho went up to the fourth floor, stopping in front of Room 4040 of West Ambler Johnston, where Hilscher lived.

Hilscher, who wanted to be a veterinarian, was killed, as was resident adviser Ryan Clark.

The Richmond Times Dispatch reported that Hilscher's roommate, Heather Haugh, later told investigators that Hilscher had recently accompanied her boyfriend, Karl Thornhill, to a nearby firing range to shoot guns, opening up the possibility of an encounter with Cho before Monday morning.

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According to documents obtained from Montgomery County Circuit Court, an earlier search warrant filed April 17 and executed by the Virginia State Police showed that authorities were looking for: "Tools, documents, computer hardware, computer software, weapons, ammunitions, explosives, materials used in the manufacturing of improvised/commercial explosive devices, instructional manuals for criminal acts of mass destruction and acts of terror, including books and tapes (audio and video), writing utensils and/or paper similar to that which were used to communicate threats to VA Tech campus in the recent past."

That warrant was executed at 2121 Harper Hall, located on West Campus Drive of the school's Blacksburg, Va., campus. That was the address of Cho's campus residence.

Items seized included: Chain from top left closet shelf; folding knife and combination pad lock; Compaq computer; assorted documents, notepads, writings from desktop; combination lock; Dremel tool and case; nine books, two notebooks, envelopes from top shelf; assorted books and pads from lower shelf; compact disc from desktop; items from desktop and drawer, including a Wincheser Muitz tool, three notebooks, mail checks and a credit card; Kodak digital camera keys and Citibank statements; two cases of CDs from dresser top; drive Seagate; six sheets of green graph paper; mirror with blue plastic housing; Dremel tool box with receipt; and a Dell Latitude service tag.

Authorities also believe Cho was responsible for at least one of the bomb threats that hit campus earlier this month, according to the filings.

Attached to the warrant was a notice that was found at the scene of the April 16 shooting at Norris Hall — the second shooting — was a bomb threat directed at campus engineering school department buildings. The note was found near Cho's body. Norris Hall is an engineering-related building.

The presumed suspect was believed to have multiple firearms including, but not limited to a Wither P22 and Glock 9 MM handgun, according to police.

"Based on the affidiant's training, knowledge, and experience in similar investigations along with countless other investigations, and discussions with other investigators who feel the same, it is reasonable to believe the note is connected with the shooting incident," the warrant says.

Police have found that Cho recently purchased a handgun at a firearm's store located in Roanoke, Va., and they believe he is the author of the bomb threat note.

The Richmond Times Dispatch reported that Montgomery County, Va., records show that he received two speeding tickets there in the two weeks before the shootings.

FOX News' Heather Dahl contributed to this report.