Police Release Arrest Video of Woman Who Died at Phoenix Airport

Surveillance video released Thursday of a woman who would later die in police custody shows her running through an airport terminal, bowing abruptly as she appeared to yell and then resisting arrest as three officers try to control her.

Later, after police handcuffed Carol Anne Gotbaum behind her back, the video shows her locking her legs as officers hold her by the arms and push her, still standing, through the terminal at Sky Harbor International Airport.

Police released the video and their report on her arrest amid allegations from Gotbaum's family that officers manhandled her before her death last month.

Click here to see portions of the arrest video.

The family and the attorney have said they will not comment during a mourning period for Gotbaum that ends early next week.

Gotbaum, the 45-year-old stepdaughter-in-law of New York's public advocate, was arrested Sept. 28 for disorderly conduct after she was kept off a connecting flight that was to bring her to Tucson, where she was set to enter a treatment center to confront her alcoholism.

Police said she was shackled a bench and left alone in a holding room where she was later found unconscious and not breathing with the chain from the shackle pulled against the front of her neck. Authorities are investigating the death.

The video released Thursday didn't contain audio, and Gotbaum was a considerable distance from the cameras throughout most of the footage.

After airport workers and police approached her, Gotbaum eventually backed away. Next, she was on the ground — it was unclear how she got there — and continued resisting officers after they put her back on her feet.