Someone hung a mannequin from the top of a 1,200-foot television tower and authorities said Saturday that the culprit may now have radiation poisoning.

Police were called to a tower of WDJT-TV in Milwaukee at about 9:30 a.m. Saturday, department spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said in a news release.

It was unclear when the mannequin, dressed in a red shirt and dark pants, was placed on the tower, police said, but it was discovered Saturday morning.

Schwartz said there were no footprints in the snow, indicating it may have been put up before the snowfall Dec. 1.

The suspect would likely have been exposed to microwaves emitted from the tower, which could cause radiation poisoning, Schwartz said.

"This person may be getting very sick," she said.

She urged any individuals involved to see a doctor.

Two workers from Higgins Tower Services Inc. were called to bring down the mannequin.

Mark Higgins of Higgins Tower Services Inc. said radiation exposure would occur at the top of the tower, where the transmitters are, and that the transmitters are turned off when his crew works on them.

An early indication of radiation poisoning, would be reddened skin, similar to a sunburn, he said.

"It would depend on the amount of time in the field," he said.

Tom Reep of Milwaukee called police after seeing the mannequin dangling at the top of the tower. He said having to get the mannequin down is a waste of taxpayers' money and police and fire resources.

"And the sad part is, they put two other lives at risk to bring it down," he said.