Police in Michigan Batter Down Door, Arrest Pizza Snatching Suspect

Police used a battering ram to break down an apartment door and arrest a woman they say grabbed food from a pizza delivery man but failed to pay him.

Jessica Gray, 19, of Eastpointe was arrested Wednesday after she and the occupants of her apartment refused to pay for a delivery of pizza, ribs, chicken, shrimp and a soda valued at $17.18, police say.

According to police, Gray answered the door when a 21-year-old, combo meal-carrying delivery man arrived at her apartment about 7 p.m.

Gray took the meal, then slammed the door and joined four other female occupants inside — ranging in age from 14 to 21 — in yelling insults and threats when he didn't leave, police say.

"She was rough when she took it from him," Detective Lt. Leo Borowsky told The Detroit News. "And she was large enough where he didn't want to fight her."

The Associated Press was unable to reach Gray for comment because she has no listed phone number.

A police report says responding officers "could hear the occupants laughing and whispering inside but refusing to answer the door. The officers advised the occupants that if they refused to come to the door, it would be opened by force."

Police then broke down the door, and the delivery man identified Gray as the person who took the meal. Police recovered rib bones, chicken bones and shrimp tails as evidence.

Gray was arraigned Thursday on a felony charge of larceny from a person, then released after posting a $5,000 bond.

"We take this kind of stuff seriously. It is a crime," Borowsky said. "These (delivery) people are on business and if you steal from them, we're going to prosecute."