Police Hunt for Suspects After Bullet Grazes Head of Boy on Baseball Field

An 11-year-old Little League player remains hospitalized after being struck in the head with a stray bullet, New York City police say.

The boy — identified in reports as Devante Kelly — was listed in good condition at a Brooklyn hospital, a police spokesman told FOXNews.com Monday. Doctors removed the bullet from the boy's skull and he is expected to recover.

The boy's relatives told investigators he was taking a picture with his team on bleachers when he grabbed his head at about 2 p.m. Sunday in Brooklyn.

"Thank God he's fine. He has an angel," his mother, Angela Walters, told reporters.

"All the while he's in the emergency room for two, three hours and we're thinking it's just a baseball that hit him," Walters said. "When the doctor went to put (in) staples, she saw something. ... And we took a CAT scan, and there was a bullet in his head."

Relatives had initially thought the boy was struck by a baseball, but later learned that a bullet had lodged between his skin and skull, near the back of his head.

No motives or suspects have been identified in the shooting. An investigation is ongoing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.