Police Detain Maryland Man

Police on Wednesday afternoon detained a Kensington, Md., man "of previous interest" to investigators after being called to his home and finding a cache of weapons.

The 38-year-old white male, who was not named, apparently is not connected to the Maryland serial sniper investigation, officials said.

Police sources told Fox News they were called to the scene by the man's mother, who reported he was firing shots out of a window of his home.

Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose said in a news conference that there were bullet holes found in the walls of the house. Police also found a large supply of guns.

Officials said the man had not been arrested, but was being held for a possible psychological examination. A source described the man as a gun collector who might be mentally unstable, and indicated investigators had already spoken to him as part of their investigation into the sniper shootings.

The man's Kensington home is in Montgomery County, the scene of five of the eight area shootings that have left six dead and two others injured.