Police broke up a poker game at a private club, arrested 95 people and seized $25,000 in what they called the city's biggest gambling raid since Prohibition (search).

The nighttime raid at The Owl's Nest (search) also netted 16,020 poker chips, 141 decks of cards, and liquor, wine and beer that police said were being sold without a license.

Police charged 80 players, nine dealers and four managers with gambling and two waitresses with selling liquor without a license at the club, set up in a warehouse.

Baltimore has not had a comparable raid since the vice squad hit a gambling spot in 1932 and arrested 72 people, police spokesman Donny Moses said.

Wednesday's Texas Hold-em (search) game had been publicized through an e-mail ad that promised a $12,000 purse and a trip to the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Those arrested could get up to a year in jail or a $1,200 fine.