Pointing the Finger at Bush's Opponents

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A little finger-pointing is in order here.

On the eve of war, President Bush's domestic opponents (and his opponents among our allied nations including huge chunks of worldwide public opinion) not only oppose the war, but blame Bush for turning the world against us by being so single-minded (some say arrogant) about his march to a war with Iraq.

I would say to the Euros who are against us... the Russians, the Chinese and whomever else: you made us do it this way. It's your fault, not ours.

Look. President Bush tried to allay fears of a unilateralist American president doing what he darn well pleases without taking other views into account by sending the country's biggest dove into the U.N. to negotiate this thing.

Collin Powell went to the U.N., much to the relief of the world, because the anti-war movement thought he could be talked into seeing things their way. They all thought Powell would go back to Bush, and explain things in the way that a simple Texan could understand.

If I were Bush and I'm not I would now say, "Look at what all you guys did to your multilateralist, 'let's all hold hands' consultation king Colin Powell. You turned him into the U.N.'s biggest hawk. You frustrated him with your stupid, petty opposition to evidence he presented which he found to be very, very convincing.

"And the fact that you turned Colin Powell into a hawk convinced me (George W. Bush) that my first instincts were right. That Saddam Hussein has to be taken care of. Just like Europe was too mealy-mouthed to take care of Slobodan Milosovic, we were going to have to do it ourselves."

Face it, the fix was in at the U.N. and it made world opinion largely irrelevant. Anybody who thinks that Bush is a bigger danger than Hussein shouldn't have a voice in this war anyway.

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