Ah, young love. In this specific case, young love crashing naked through ceiling tiles into an elementary school.

School police at an Albuquerque elementary school say they busted a sheepish Samuel Flores, 18, in the buff frantically searching for his duds after an amorous encounter gone terribly awry, KOBTV reports.

According to cops, Flores was getting busy in the bathroom at the school with his girlfriend when he was spooked by noises, panicked and hightailed it out the door naked as the day he was born.

Unfortunately for this bun-baring Romeo, the doors locked behind him.

A desperate Flores then climbed onto the roof of the building and through a skylight in a frantic attempt at redress only to have the ceiling collapse under his weight.

Police say he was allowed back into the bathroom to get dressed and treated to a complimentary trip to jail.

Because Nothing Says Party Like a Personal Injury Lawsuit

HONOLULU (AP) — These lawyers apparently have no fear of sharks — unless they're the kind that file lawsuits.

About 40 lawyers from across the country have signed up for the National Lawyers on Longboards Surfing Contest scheduled during the Aug. 3-8 American Bar Association convention in Honolulu.

But the ABA has pulled out of sponsoring the surfing competition. The event organizer says the lawyers are afraid of being sued.

"It's really funny — the ABA won't officially sponsor it for liability reasons," said Lea Hong, a Honolulu environmental lawyer and surfer.

Hong is planning to go ahead with the contest and a luau on the convention's last day. She said the ABA overreacted.

"They were freaked out about the liability issue related to a surf contest, even though we had liability insurance and everything," Hong said.

Hong hopes to register 60 surfing lawyers. About 10,700 lawyers in all will be in Honolulu for the ABA conference.

Organizers of the surfing event have required that all participants sign a liability waiver, and lifeguards will be on duty in case anyone gets in trouble, Hong said.

That's One Way to Get a Jelly Belly

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. (AP) — What do you get a 288-pound man for his birthday? How about 288 pounds of jelly beans?

His family didn't plan it that way, but when Mike Lively became the 1 millionth person to tour the Jelly Belly Center on his birthday Wednesday, he won his weight's worth of the sweet treats.

The 41-year-old Indiana man, who claims he weighs only 278 pounds, said he wasn't planning on sharing his windfall.

"Fork it out to my family and kids," said Lively, a steel worker, when asked what he would do with his prize. "None of the guys at work are getting any."

The factory reached the million-visitor milestone in exactly five years, according to store manager Mary Plebanek.

The tour, which allows visitors to see how the candy is made, is one of the most popular attractions in Kenosha County. It draws about 200,000 visitors annually, almost double the 110,000 people who visit the Kenosha Public Museum on average each year.

Lively, a first-time visitor to the factory, stared at the stack of bean-filled boxes, weighing one-seventh of a ton.

"We should have brought the Yukon," he said.

Dude You're Totally Bluffing ... Oh Wait, That's Fear

JEAN, Nev. (AP) — In the skies over the desert outside Las Vegas, three amateur players and a would-be pro tried to keep their poker faces at 15,000 feet.

The rules: whoever won didn't have to parachute out of a plane. The losers did.

The Wednesday event was part of InterPoker.com's Extreme Poker series and was scheduled during the World Series of Poker tournament, which began June 25.

In Extreme Poker, novice players battle in online tournaments for the right to play Texas Hold 'em in strange locations. The first was played underwater. The second was played on a polar ice cap in Finland.

This time Patrick Neary, 23, from Prince Edward Island, Canada, Jamie Glasser, 24, from Chicago and Fraser Linkleter, 28, from London and Nick "Stoxtrader" Grudzien, 29, from New York, piled into a Short's Skivan plane to try their hand against Phil "the Unabomber" Laak.

Grudzien was the lucky player who didn't have to hit the silk. But Grudzien wasn't about to fold 'em. No stranger to risk, he went back up for a free jump.

I Just Had This Crazy Dream Where I Woke Up in Jail ...

BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) — Police in this Seattle suburb didn't have to go far to arrest a man for investigation of car prowling. He was found sleeping in a special weapons and tactics van.

Officer Greg Grannis said a municipal worker reported someone breaking into cars, including his own, shortly before midnight Monday.

Officers quickly found burglarized cars, but couldn't determine who might be responsible — until about 4:50 a.m., when two SWAT team members came to the police vehicle maintenance yard to get their van and found a 25-year-old transient asleep in the back, Grannis said.

The man, whose his last known home address was in Louisiana, was booked into the King County jail for investigation of burglary.

No damage or loss estimate was released, but Grannis said none of the burglarized police vehicles had weapons in them.

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