Play Along in the 2006 'Cashin' In' Challenge

Think you can beat the "Cashin' In" crew at their own game? We're giving you the chance to prove it!

The Challenge:

It's free of charge and you could win some fabulous prizes.

The Crew:

• Wayne Rogers – Wayne Rogers & Co.
• Jonathan Hoenig – CapitalistPig Asset Management
• Dagen McDowell – FOX Business News
• Jonas Max Ferris –

The Rules:

Each player has $10,000 in "play" money
Each player can hold as much cash as they like
Each portfolio can have up to 5 different securities
Each stock and bond transaction will carry a $15 broker fee
There will be no transaction fee for funds, but loads and expenses will apply

Disclaimer: The following "Cashin' In Challenge" contains strong opinions which are not a reflection of the opinions of FOX News and should not be relied upon as investment advice when making personal investment decisions. It is FOX News' policy that contributors disclose positions they hold in stocks they discuss, though positions may change. Readers of "Cashin' In Challenge" must take responsibility for their own investment decisions.