Plastic Surgery Regret on the Rise, Fueling 'Revision' Practices

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As the number of plastic surgeries performed in the U.S. continues to grow — there were 16 million procedures in 2007 — so do the number of people with regrets, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.

After two nose jobs and thousands of dollars, Debra Dunn said she hated her face so much that she avoided mirrors.

"Every time I saw myself, I wanted to punch myself in the nose to make it all go away," the 40-year-old New Yorker, told the Chicago Tribune. "I just kept thinking, 'Why did I do this to myself?'"

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Dunn spent more than three times the amount of her original surgery over a five-year period in an attempt to rebuild her nose to resemble the one she was born with.

The demand for "revision surgeries" is so high some doctors now devote up to 50 percent of their practices to such cases. "I'd say at this point that one out of about every two or three procedures I do is a revision surgery," said Dr. Andrew Jacono, chief of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y.