While preparing to star in a movie about an old West bad man, Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt (search) dug up some action over the weekend in Alberta's Badlands.

Wendy Taylor, a spokeswoman for the renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum near Drumheller, said the actor and companion Angelina Jolie (search) dropped in for a tour of the dinosaur exhibits Saturday night, and was very gracious and accommodating, the Calgary Sun reported Tuesday.

"Brad phoned to ask about the accessibility of the museum and how easy it might be for him to visit unnoticed. They did not ask us to close the museum or for an after-hours visit or any special treatment," Taylor said.

Pitt is in Calgary to shoot the film "The Assassination of Jesse James," (search) which gets under way in the western province on Aug. 29.

The crowds start dropping off after 6 p.m., so museum brass suggested the pair show up then.

"They arrived around 7 p.m. and stayed for an hour," Taylor said, adding Jolie's adopted son, four-year-old Maddox (search), was enthralled by the T-Rex exhibit. During their tour, the pair was accompanied by two bodyguards and a museum staffer.

Aside from one couple requesting an autograph, things remained low-key.

"The other people in the museum at the time were very respectful — no one approached them on their own," Taylor said.

"The only unfortunate thing was that word leaked out and quite a crowd collected outside the main entrance, so we had to find an alternate exit for them."

The couple visited the gift shop, bought toys for the kids and left.

"They are both very down-to-earth people and most appreciative. Our staff members were very impressed at how nice they were."