Pilot of Small Plane Dies After Crashing Into Oregon Home

A vintage British fighter jet crashed into a densely populated neighborhood near the Hillsboro Airport during an air show Sunday afternoon, exploding, destroying a home and killing the pilot.

Fire officials said no residents or others on the ground were hurt.

The 1951 jet was taking off to return to California when it went down, said Connie King, a spokeswoman for the Hillsboro Fire Department.

The jet slammed into a house at 4:28 p.m. and destroyed it, she said. No one was home at the time, she said. The pilot's name was not immediately released.

Another house with people inside sustained "significant damage," but no one was hurt, King said. The attic exterior of another house was damaged, and there was fire damage in the yard of another, she said.

Dave Driscoll, who lives in the area, said he heard a whistling sound of the jet "and it cut out, cut out, cut out, then there was a big boom."

The crash occurred toward the end of the two-day Hillsboro International Air Show, about a mile and a half from the airport in a Portland suburb.

"It was doing a loop and couldn't pull out in time," Kory Hauser, a witness, told the (Salem) Statesman Journal. "It clipped about three houses and went down."

The show was immediately canceled and Hauser said the streets in that section of Hillsboro were in gridlock.

A 33-year-old Hillsboro firefighter was taken to St. Vincent Hospital where he was listed in good condition.