Piglet Swallows Nearly $2,500 Diamond Ring Off Woman's Hand

Greedy swine Ginger shocked a grandmother with his love of ''carats'' - when he scoffed nearly $2,500 diamond ring.

Pensioner Anne Moon lost the antique ring when she went to pat the ten-week-old Kune Kune piglet — and he clamped his gnashers around her hand.

Horrified Anne recoiled in terror but was stunned when she noticed her diamond encrusted engagement ring had vanished.

Farmer Paul Caygill is now facing the unenviable task of wading through the porker's droppings to try and spot the ring — which had been given to Anne by her husband 30 years ago.

Anne, of Thirsk, North Yorks, said: "I've never been in such close contact with a pig before so I put my hand out flat to let it have a sniff.

"It just clamped its teeth around the ring and wouldn't let go. When I found the diamond was gone, I couldn't believe it.

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